What Should You Know about ‘The Mukaab,’ Saudi Arabia’s Giant Skyscraper?

Emma | 03 - 21 - 2023

Features of the Mukaab, Saudi Arabia’s newest skyscraper

The “Mukaab,” which is a colossal building, is under construction in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “Mukaab” is an Arabic word, which means “cube.” The structure, which will be in the shape of a hollow cube, is anticipated to be completed by the year 2030. The building itself is a part of the New Murabba project. This massive structure will be 400 meters in length, width, and height. The size of this huge building will be equal to 20 Empire State buildings!

Design and architecture of the Mukaab building in Saudi Arabia

A multipurpose theater and a museum will be included in the Mukaab. It will act as the central point of the New Murabba downtown. Using a car, you can easily reach this skyscraper in 20 minutes from the airport. The building that is designed by utilizing digital and virtual technology will measure nearly a third of the size of Manhattan. And, the structure’s design itself has been inspired by the “Najdi” architecture.

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is the Prime Minister and also the Chairman of the NMDC, which is nothing but the New Murabba Development Company. So the construction of the Mukaab is happening under him, and over a whopping 104,000 residential units will be created. The Mukaab will surely be the very first “immersive destination” on earth. The reason behind this description is that people will have immersive experiences when they visit the Mukaab. And such experiences will be similar to the ones they may encounter when they visit other planets!

The Mukaab is located in Riyadh.
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Luxury amenities and features of the Mukaab tower in Saudi Arabia

There will be a spiraling tower at the center of the Mukaab. The top section of this tower is full of glass through which you can have a spectacular view of the city. In addition to the residential units, recreational facilities, and the commercial spaces, the Mukaab will house lots of tourist attractions. The list of facilities in the Mukaab does not end here. You can even add the racetracks for flying cars to the never-ending list.

All in all, it will be a thoroughly attractive and fabulous destination that will be loved by people of all ages.

The actual cost of the entire New Murabba project has not been disclosed so far. But one can imagine this cost based on the sheer size of the Mukaab. This tourist destination will be creating lots of job opportunities in and around Riyadh. So, by now, you would have understood the role of the Mukaab skyscraper in Saudi Arabia’s urban development.

Comparison of the Mukaab skyscraper with other tall buildings around the world

There are tons of skyscrapers in various countries of the world. But on completion, the Mukaab will be the largest structure to have been built till now.

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