What’s the Last Grand Slam Tennis Tournament Played in a Calendar Year?

Ashley | 07 - 05 - 2021
Grand Slam Tennis Tournament

The 2020 Grand Slam of tennis was abruptly canceled due to the pandemic and the 2021 Grand Slam season has just begun. Here is everything you need to know about the Grand Slam winners of 2019 which is also the last Grand Slam season to be played in a calendar year. 

 A Tennis Grand Slam  calendar year comprises 4 tournaments namely:

  • Australian Open 
  • French Open
  • US Open
  • Wimbledon 

A player who wins all four tournaments ultimately wins the Grand Slam title. 

Tennis Originated in _______
  • A. The U.S.
  • B. U.K
  • C. Australia
  • D. None of the Above
  1. Career Grand Slam is when a player has won all four tournaments during their career. It does not necessarily mean they won them in one season.
  2. Calendar & Career Golden Grand Slam is when the player has won all four tournaments in one season itself
  3. Calendar & Career Super Slam is when a player wins all four tournaments, one Olympic gold medal, and  ATP Finals/WTP Finals/Wheelchair Tennis Masters’ year-end championship during their career.
  4. Three-Quater Slam is when the player has won only 3 of the tournaments within a single season/calendar year.

Winners List of Tennis Grand Slams 2019

2019 tennis Grand Slam was held from mid-January to November. Here is a list of  winners and runner ups of the Grand Slam tennis 2019 tournament

Tournament Winner Runner-Up
Australian Open Novac Djokovic Rafael Nadal
French Open Rafael Nadal Dominic Theim
US Open Rafael Nadal Daniel Medvedev
Wimbledon Novac Djokovic Roger Federer

Best Grand Slam Matches of 2019

2019 Grand Slam Season review:

  1. The Nitto ATP finals between Theim and Djokovic were a historical match for both. Theim was about to win against a legendary player while Djokovic was playing for his 6th win in a row. 
  2. The match between Theim and Federer was no less. Theim had continuously lost 4 consecutive matches out of seven but had defeated the 5 time Champion Roger Federer.
  3. The match between Nick Kyrgois and Stefano Tsitspas was a treat for the eyes and a very special match that was the highlight of the year.

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