What’s Unusual about the Crabs in Fiji?

Julia | 12 - 03 - 2023
What’s Unusual about the Crabs in Fiji

The Fiji mud crab is popular for its deliciousness. Also, crab catching demonstration is part of the tourist package where the visitor can catch the crab himself which will be cooked for his breakfast the very next day.


Fiji is a multicultural land with the presence of native indigenous Fijian, Indian, European, Chinese and other nationalities. You can see the impression of multicultural flavors in food, music, and other forms of art expressions. The tourists are welcomed with warm music accompanied by a song which is called Sevu-Sevu.

Types of Crabs in Fiji

Tourists have an opportunity to see the demonstration of crab catching and also can catch mud crabs while visiting Robinson Crusoe Island. There are many types of crabs available in Fiji. But the most popular and expensive types are Mud Crabs and Coconut crabs.

1. Fiji Located in Which Continent?
  • A. Africa
  • B. Melanesia
  • C. Antarctica
  • D. Oceania

In recent times the mud crab population has decreased due to various reasons like global warming, and over catching for food. This resulted in the sales of young mud crabs which are smaller in size which would endanger the existence of the mud crabs. The government took necessary steps and has amended laws to prevent catching juvenile crabs.

The Coconut Crab of Fiji

The coconut crab is another terrestrial hermit crab that was declared as endangered in 2017 by the Fijian government and Coconut crabs are banned in Fiji as a protective measure to save the species from humans.

According to a reference from Wikipedia, the coconut crabs cut and remove the outer layer. Then they climb up a very tall tree and drop the husky coconut trying to break it. Then they fall from the tree and cut holes in the coconut using their claws to eat them. It’s not a surprise that they are called coconut crabs.

Do Crabs Attack Humans?

Crabs have very strong claws and they might turn aggressive if they are intimidated.  Otherwise, crabs don’t attack humans. However, some crabs are poisonous and can be lethal when consumed. Lophozozymus Pictor is the world’s most poisonous crab prevalent on the shores of Singapore.

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