Where Did Henry IV Celebrate Christmas during His Reign?

Elmira | 07 - 04 - 2021
Henry IV

King Henry IV celebrated Christmas at Eltham Palace. He celebrated 10 out of 14 Christmases as King at the Palace in South East London. He invited the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palace in the South for a Christmas tournament at the place. Read on to find important historical facts about notable King Henry IV.

Fascinating Facts about King Henry IV

Henry IV is known by many names including the earl of Derby, Duke of Hereford, Henry Bolingbroke Henry of Lancaster.

He ruled England from 1399 to 1413. He became the first of three 15th- century rulers from the house of Lancaster.

Where Did King Henry Celebrate His Christmases?
  • A. St James's Palace
  • B. Eltham Palace
  • C. Windsor Castle
  • D. Buckingham Palace

He was recognized as Henry Bolingbroke before he became the king. His parents were John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and His mother, Blanche.

Henry IV issued the Edict of Nantes during his reign as King of France and granted religious freedom to Protestants from 1589 to 1610.

Henry IV spent the early part of his life fighting to keep control of his lands. Henry’s successful occupation did not lead to recognition and remained unrecognized as king by Charles VI of France.

In 1400, an outbreak of the plague was accompanied by a revolt in Wales managed by Owen Glendower. Henry’s supporters, called the Percys of Northumberland, became his enemy and joined with Glendower in 1403. Henry defeated the Percys at the Battle of Shrewsbury.

The Younger Percy Harry ‘Hotspur’ died. His father went to Scotland and then moved to Wales. After that, in 1405, the execution of other rebels took place at York that included its militant Archbishop Scrope.

The Earl of Northumberland fought again in 1407 and was defeated and killed during the battle of Bramham Moor in 1408. The Prince of Wales had tremendous success rebelled against Glendower’s castles and in 1409 Glendower had fallen back to the Welsh mountains.

Henry was  the first English king who spoke English.

In 1388, Henry took part in the revolt of the Lords Appellant and rebelled against Richard. Later, he was banished by the king.

As king, he encountered several rebellions.

Henry suffered from an undiagnosed skin disease from 1405 and his son played a big role in the government. Henry died in 1413 in the Jerusalem Chamber at Westminster. After his death, his son took over the reign and became Henry V.

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