Which TV Show Told the Oppenheimer Story First?

Vannessa | 02 - 13 - 2024

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer became the talk of the town after its trailer hit social media. Since the movie features the most renowned actors like Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr, and Emily Blunt, it created so much anticipation among the audience. Additionally, this movie is based on a true incident that happened during World War II. 

Nolan depicted Oppenheimer’s story. Yes, a TV show narrated the same tale with different characters. In this blog, you will explore the brief history of Oppenheimer and the TV show that told his story first. 

A Brief History of Oppenheimer 

Who directed the Oppenheimer movie?
  • A. Christopher Nolan
  • B. James Cameron
  • C. David Fincher
  • D. Peter Jackson

The story is based on Julius Robert Oppenheimer, a theoretical physicist. He worked as a professor at the University of California where he got the moniker called “Oppie”. Besides his mind-blowing intellect, he was celebrated for his magnetic demeanor, Bohemian attitude.

and wide-range interests. Being regarded as an excellent physicist, he was hired by President Franklin D Roosevelt to work on a secret project. Along with some proficient scientists, Oppenheimer launched the world’s first atomic bomb. Thereafter he was called the “Father of the atomic bomb.”

First Television Adaptation of Oppenheimer’s Tale

Before hitting the theatre, Oppenheimer’s story was adapted for a Television series called Manhattan. Oppenheimer and Manhattan both showcase the same plot– World War II and the invention of the atomic bomb. 

The TV series Manhattan was created by Sam Shaw and released in July 2014. The story is set in 1943 and 1944 in Los Almos where a group of scientists were assigned to a secret project i.e. Manhattan Project by the federal government. Despite trying their best, the TV series lacked historical accuracy. Eventually, the series lost its popularity and missed the series missed gaining people’s attention and did not attain adequate ratings, as a result, they canceled this show after two seasons. 

However, this setback didn’t hold back Nolan from creating his version of Oppeheimer’s story. The movie also gained popularity all over the world. 

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