Who Holds the World Record for Most World Records?

Iris | 05 - 13 - 2021

Ashrita Furman is a 62-year-old American who has set a world record for most world records. Furman has been breaking records since 1979, and as of now, he has set more than 600 official records. Among them, he currently holds 531 records. Furman was born in 1954 in Brooklyn in New York. Since his childhood, he was so fascinated by Guinness world records, but he never thought he would break any records as he was so unathletic. Despite being unathletic, he never gave up his dream, which made him bag a title world recorder for having more Guinness world records.  

Astonishing Ashrita Furman Records List 

Category Details Record Date of Record Place
Somersaulting Longest continuous distance 12 miles 390 yards Apr 1986 US
Pogo stick Jumping Underwater Longest duration 3 hours 40 minutes Jan 1987 Peru
Hopscotch Most games completed in 24 hours 434 games Mar 1998 Mexico
Milk Bottle Balancing on Head Longest continuous distance 80.95 miles Apr 1998 US
Pogo Stick Jumping Up Steps Fastest time up CN Tower 1899 steps in 57 min 51 sec July 1999 Canada
Brick Carrying with One Hand (9 pounds) Longest continuous distance 85.05 miles Oct 1999 US
Somersaulting Fastest mile 19 min 11 sec Nov 2000 US
Sack Racing The fastest time for 10 kilometers 1 hour 22 min 2 sec Aug 2001 US
Skipping (like children without a rope) The fastest time for a marathon (26.2 miles) 5 hours 55 min 13 sec Aug 2003 Canada
Milk Bottle Balancing on Head Fastest mile 7 min 47 sec Feb 2004 Indonesia
Stilt Walking Fastest 8 kilometers (4.97 miles) 39 min 56 sec Dec 2004 China
Milk Crate Balancing on Chin Most weight balanced 93 pounds 7 ounces Jun 2006 US
Popcorn Sculpture Largest 20 feet 10 inches Aug 2006 US
Top Spinning Longest continuous time 7 hours 1 minute 14 sec Nov 2006 US
Underwater Hula Hooping Longest time 2 min 38 sec August 2007 US
Glass Balancing on Chin Most 20 oz. glasses 81 August 2007 US
Pencil World’s largest 76 feet 2.75 in August 2007 US
Stilt Walking (On Spring-Loaded Stilts) Fastest mile 7 min 13 sec March 2008 Germany
Pool Cue Balancing on Chin Furthest distance 5472 feet 9 inches July 2008 USA
Pool Cue Balancing Fastest mile 6 min 55 sec July 2009 US
Hopscotch Most games in one hour 33 Dec 2009 US
Golf Ball Bouncing on Golf Club Longest duration 1 hour 20 min 42 sec Jan 2010 US
Juggling on a Pogo Stick Greatest distance 4 miles 30 feet Jan 2010 Easter Island
Balancing a Pool Cue on Finger Furthest continuous distance 8.95 miles Feb 2010 Puerto Rico
Largest Hula Hoop Spinning Minimum of 3 spins 16 feet 6.7 in Sept 2010 US
Swiss Ball Balancing Longest time to stand on 75cm ball 5 hours 7 min 6 sec Dec 2010 US
Mountain Climbing on Stilts Highest peak climbed 9,398 feet August 2011 US
Balancing Object on Chin Tallest object 68.95 feet August 2011 US
Milk Bottle Balancing on Head Fastest half marathon with liter bottle full of milk 2 hrs 33 min 28 sec Nov 2011 US
Jumping Rope Underwater Most jumps in one hour 1608 March 2012 Brazil
Grape Catching in Mouth Most in one minute 86 August 2012 US
Tennis Racket World’s largest 50 ft 3.07 in long,16 ft 8.6 in wide August 2012 US
Apple Cutting with Samurai Sword Most apples cut mid-air in one minute 29 Nov 2012 US
Catching Ping Pong Balls with Chopsticks Most in one minute 32 May 2013 US
Dribbling a Basketball while on a Pogo Stick Fastest mile 23 minutes 2.91 sec August 2013 US
Lawnmower Balancing on Chin Longest duration 5 minutes 1.53 seconds Oct 2013 US
Slicing Potatoes While Hopping on a Shovel Most in one minute 38 Oct 2013 US
Inflating Balloons with Nose Most in 3 minutes 28 Dec 2013 US
Underwater Unicycling Longest distance 1.3 miles Dec 2013 Portugal
Inflating Balloons to 8 ” Diameter Most in one hour 671 Jan 2014 US
Pogo Stick Jumping Shortest useable pogo stick 18.16 inches Feb 2014 Thailand
Walking on Shovels as Stilts Fastest mile 24 min 0.25 sec March 2014 US
Poetry Reciting Poem translated and recited in the most languages 203 April 2014 US
Constructing Olympic Relay Torch Largest Replica 19.75 feet high April 2014 US
Knife Catching Most caught in one minute 54 May 2014 US
Most Current Records Held at the same time by an individual -131 Dec 2011 England


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