Who Is the Richest Male Model in the World?

Elmira | 06 - 27 - 2020
Who Is the Richest Male Model in the World

Sean O’Pry earned $1.5 million and is the richest male model in the world. He was 17 when he was recognized in 2006 through his MySpace prom photos by Nolé Marin. O’Pry hails from the US state of Georgia. In 2013, Forbes magazine ranked him as the world’s highest-paid model.

O’Pry’s Achievements

The fresh-faced O’Pry has worked with leading brands and performed campaigns for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace. Besides walking the runways; he appeared in pop music videos of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild”. His attractive blue eyes and chiselled features made him appear in billboards, advertisements, and celebrity magazines and he swiftly rose to the top. If he isn’t recognized by his name then O’Pry is popular as the handsome suitor from the Taylor swift’s Blank Space music video.

According to Forbes magazine, O’Pry was titled as the world’s 8th most successful male model in 2008. Next year he had reached the # 1st position on the Forbes’ list. In 2013, in September, on Models.com, he became the most successful male model in the world, and his name has appeared in the “Top 50” list. O’Pry held the same position continually for 2 years in the magazine. In 2015, his name appeared on Models.Com’s many lists such as ‘Sexiest Men’, the ‘Money Guys’ and new ‘Supers Men.’ In the same year, Vogue listed him fifth on the ‘Top 10 Male Models of All Time’.

1. What Is the Name of the Music Video in Which O’Pry Appeared?
  • A. Rare
  • B. Blank space
  • C. Memories
  • D. Yummy

His Instagram account has 692k followers. He offers a piece of advice, “Invest it well.” And he further says, “I collect cars and watches. I’ve invested in properties and businesses. I’ve been smart with my money since I was young,” When he talks about his career. “I just want to be well-respected as an actor, not to just be ‘that guy’.”

Top-Earning Male Models

Here are top-paid male models including O’Pry named by Forbes-

  • Sean O’Pry – $ 1.5 million
  • David Gandy ($1.4M),
  • Simon Nessman, $1.1M
  • Arthur Kulkov, $905K
  • Noah Mills, $740K
  • Ryan Burns, $610K
  • Tyson Ballou, $425K
  • Ollie Edwards, $410K
  • Jon Kortajarena, $290K
  • Tobias Sorensen, $265K

They gained success and dominated the runaways with their charming look; countless campaigns were featured in popular magazines (like Vogue, Models.com) over the past 3 decades.


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