Who is the Richest Youtuber

Elmira | 11 - 26 - 2023
Who Are the World’s Richest Youtubers

YouTubers like Jack Paul and Jeffree Star, who make millions through content, have been ranked as the most wealthy YouTubers. These influencers, who range from gamers and vloggers to beauty experts, have been the most successful in their careers. A study of these highest-paid YouTubers provided insights into their lives and the success they have achieved.

Youtube is one of the amazing platforms for entertainment and learning. The world can’t ignore the fact that it is the second most visited site. Now we are going to see who the richest YouTubers are.

Top 6 Richest Youtuber

1. Ryan Toys :


1. Who Is the Highest-Paid Kid Youtuber?
  • A. Ryan Kaji
  • B. Rhett and Link
  • C. Dude Perfect
  • D. Jeffree Star

A seven-year-old boy named Ryan is the highest-paid YouTuber this year. He started his career in 2015. Ryan’s YouTube Channel is about reviews of toys. He has a large number of subscribers that include parents and kids from around the world. Last year he earned $11 million according to Forbes’ 2017 list.

Net Worth: 100 Million
YouTube Channel: Ryan’s World
No. of Subscribers: 34.3 Million

2. Jake Paul :


The American YouTuber Jake Paul is following his big brother’s footsteps. His YouTube channel is fully packed with crazy stunts, wild parties, and his lifestyle. His internet personality gained recognition on Vine then he created his YouTube Channel in 2015 and his videos are watched by 4 billion viewers.

Net Worth: 30 Million
YouTube Channel: Jake Paul
No. of Subscribers: 23.5 Million

3. Felix Kjellberg: 

Felix Kjellberg

Felix Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie has the highest followers on the YouTube channel. He has 100 million subscribers with his creative videos on comedy since 2010. He has his name on the richest YouTubers in less than 10 years.

Net Worth: 45 Million
YouTube Channel: PewDiePie
No. of Subscribers: 111Million

4. Dude Perfect : 

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is one of the Highest-Paid YouTube Stars. This crew has 5 members including the cotton twins Cory and Coby with three more high-school friends who ended up joining this project. Dude Perfect has become one of the most subscribed YouTube channels.

They even introduced a mobile app  Dude Perfect and successfully tied up with Nickelodeon for a TV show named The Dude Perfect Show. They post videos on professional athletes and celebrities like Johnny Manziel, Tyreke Evans, and Tim McGraw contributed to the swift success of the crew. 

Net Worth: 50 Million
YouTube Channel: Dude Perfect
No. of Subscribers: 60 Million

5. Jeffree Star :

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a famous beauty artist and one of the richest YouTubers, who regularly posts videos on makeup products, drama in Hollywood, and his private life. The influencer has a rivalry with fellow influencer James Charles and the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Net Worth: 200 Million
YouTube Channel: Jeffree star
No. of Subscribers: 15.8 Million

6. Logan Paul: 

Logan Paul

Net Worth: 150 Million
YouTube Channel: Logan Paul
No. of Subscribers: 23.6 Million

Controversial vlogger Logan Paul started his YouTube Career 3 years ago; His videos on the Japanese Suicide incident, amusing pranks, and some horrifying stunts gained die-hard fans. His popularity is constantly rising because of his mediocre weekly videos. The 22-year-old YouTuber’s daring videos may face hardship. But he ranks as the richest YouTuber!

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