Who Was the Longest-Serving US President?

Julia | 06 - 28 - 2021
Franklin D. Roosevelt

The President of the United States has one of the world’s most powerful political roles. Although presidents are now only allowed to serve two terms, this was not previously the case. Do you know which president served the longest term? Go through our trivia blog to know more about the longest-serving US presidents. 

The Presidential Term of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Being president for such a long period allows one more opportunity to establish one’s legacy and to do great work for the country. However, it also implies that there will be more opportunities to mess up and ruin that legacy. Being in a position of authority for an extended period of time can have a negative impact on a person’s mental and physical health. Apart from all these things, there was one man named Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was recognized as the longest-serving US President.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the longest-standing President of the United States, serving from 1933 to 1945. Mr. Roosevelt led America through the great depression and the majority of World War II. He was the driving force behind the Social Security Act and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Mr. Roosevelt reduced unemployment from 25% to 2% during his presidency and instituted the Good Neighbor Policy with Latin America to increase respect for their sovereignty. 

How Many Times Was FDR Elected President of the United States?
  • A. Four
  • B. Three
  • C. Two
  • D. One

During World War II, Mr. Roosevelt moved Japanese Americans to internment camps, which is today regarded as a source of shame and a failure on his part. Mr. Roosevelt chose Frances Perkins as Secretary of Labor, making her the first woman in the Cabinet. 

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