Why Do Wrestlers Wear Singlets?

Elmira | 07 - 13 - 2020
Why Do Wrestlers Wear Singlets

Wrestlers wear long traditional one-piece singlets, form-fitting uniforms to keep things in place and to have a hustle free match. It offers the opponent a very little chance to get grabbed.

Wondering, what is the purpose of singlets? The player won’t get seized or grasped and also it helps the referee to observe the match clearly during awarding points or a pin.

A singlet or wrestling singlet is crafted with spandex, lycra or nylon fabric, and is wor) by wrestlers. The rule says it is prohibited to pull or grasp opponents’ clothing in amateur wrestling.

1. Which Type of Singlet Is No Longer Used in the Olympics?
  • A. Low Cut
  • B. FILA Cut
  • C. High Cut
  • D. Mall the above

Singlet Look

Singlet is considered as one of the pro wrestling outfits. In high school or college level wrestling matches, the players opt for Singlets in the same color to represent the team. The competitors commonly wear red and green for scoring purposes. The scores are displayed in red and green color. In international wrestling (freestyle and Greco-Roman), wrestlers have to choose a red or a blue singlet and also are informed before the match what color to wear.

You might have seen professional players wearing singlets such as Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, and Rob Van dam. Amateurs pick stylized singlets even though the use of singlets in professional wrestling was banned for the last two decades.

Other Outfits

The singlet was not introduced in college wrestling until the late 1960s and early 1970s. The fact is singlet had been banned by the NCAA for many years. Trunks, tights, or shirtless clothes were commonly used until the NCAA banned shirtless outfits in the mid  1960s.

The newest style of singlet was launched, commonly known as a double or doublet which covers the top of the body. The singlet is crafted with the same Lycra material and it is similar to t-shirts. It is commonly paired with tight-fitting shorts. This style of singlet is still allowed to be worn in college-level wrestling. A few reports state that this type of singlet is used by school wrestlers during practice sessions.

Wrestlers are allowed to wear a t-shirt if they have taken special permission. It involves sanitary reasons and excessive pain in the chest or back.

Singlet Cuts

The three main traditional cuts to wrestling singlets

The High cut 

It covers the upper body that includes the chest and reaches till under-arms on the side.

The FILA Cut

It is a high cut; wrestlers wear it to keep things in check and offer a snug fit. It won’t rise beneath the arms. It has a single strap that runs up the back which is extremely thin. It keeps a wrestler cooler and very comfortable.

The Low Cut

Low cut singlets are not used at the Olympics or World Championships. Only a high-cut or FILA-cut singlet is allowed. Commonly, the low cut singlet is not encouraged and illegal for high school wrestling, particularly in the United States.


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