Why Don’t People Work on Labor Day?

Elmira | 07 - 31 - 2021
Labor Day

Have you ever wondered why Americans don’t work on Labor Day? Most Americans don’t work on Labor Day. Instead, they will attend parties, parades, picnics, and shopping sprees. Oregon was the first US state to make Labor Day an official holiday in 1887. Labor Day was established as the labor movement in the late 19th century. It became a federal holiday in 1984.

The first Labor Day was celebrated in New York on September 5, along with a parade in Union Square. If you are curious to find out the significance of Labor Day, you have landed at the right place.

Purpose of Labor Day

Which Holidays Are Paid Holidays?
  • A. Labor Day
  • B. Thanksgiving Day
  • C. Christmas Day
  • D. All of the Above

Why do people celebrate Labor Day? It is observed to honor the social and economic successes of American employees. Labor Day was introduced as an annual national tribute to the contributions of employees and also to appreciate the strength, well-being, and prosperity of the country. Since 1894, it has been observed as a national holiday in the United States and Canada.

Labor Day is commemorated on the first Monday in September in the United States. It is one of the most common paid holidays in the country. 97 percent of workers will get Labor Day off, but 40% of businesses will operate with some staff members. Compared to small companies, large organizations have some workers so that they can work on Labor Day. For many Americans, this federal holiday is an opportunity to enjoy the end of summer. They attend parties, events and go for picnics.

Who Doesn’t Work on Labor Day?

Technical and security employees will be working on Labor Day. A survey was conducted on more than 100 human resources and employee relations professionals. They revealed that 15% of workers are making their public safety personnel, security and technical workers report on this day. 13% of the employers will have their professional workers working on Labor Day. 11% will make managers or supervisors on the clock. 10% of employers will make customer service, maintenance, and sales personnel work on this day.

A study found that 80% percent of companies with around 1000 workers will work during Labor Day whereas small businesses will work with 29% of employees. The research discovered that 56% of non-business organizations including government agencies and hospitals will have some employees to work on Labor Day. 35% of nonmanufacturers and 30% of manufacturers will be working on Labor Day.

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