Why Is Black Friday Celebrated?

Ashley | 11 - 12 - 2021
Why Is Black Friday Celebrated

Do you know why black Friday is celebrated? Is black Friday and good Friday the same? Find out everything about this fantastic day with a quiz.

Is Black Friday a Holiday?

No, Black Friday has never been an official day in the United States at any point in history. Though states like California and others have announced the day after Thanksgiving as an official holiday for state government employees.

Why Does Black Friday Happen?

December is when most holidays fall in the U.S. and Christmas is the last celebration before the year ends.  Thus, most stores put up a sort of clearance sale to make their warehouses ready for newer trends. The discounted prices attracted so many locals and tourists to do their annual shopping around these times. 

Who Started Black Friday?
  • A. Jim Fisk
  • B. Jay Gould
  • C. Both

The increased crowds resulted in stampedes, littering, robbery, molestation, and heavy traffic filling the full chaos. Therefore, the police started referring to it as Black Friday.

Which City Started Black Friday?

The police officers of Philadelphia started referring to the sale after Christmas as ‘Black Friday’ around the 1920s when handling the public went out of hand.  The phrase was officially adopted around the U.S in the 1950s.

What is the Significance of Black Friday? 

The day of Jesus Christ’s death falls on the day after Thanksgiving. It is known as Good Friday even though being a sad event because Jesus would be resurrected on the third day. Many stores offer huge discounts, offers, free goodies to increase their year-end sales and to encourage the crowd to shop in stores they wouldn’t shop normally.

Where Is Black Friday Celebrated?

Black Friday has become a world-famous day of the year. Christian minority countries like Pakistan, India, China, and Japan have begun to celebrate the day by making offers and discounts for Black Friday in their respective countries. The day is also celebrated in the U.K., Canada, Russia, Mexico, and Australia. At present, around 195 countries celebrate it.

Why Is Black Friday Celebrated? 

Sales were dropping across the world as people were not into buying retail products. Sewing and knitting one’s own garments, making toys out of naturally available products and cooking without modern equipment. The Black Friday sale was introduced to boost the falling market and the idea introduced by  Jim Fisk and Jay Gould, and Wall Street financiers, did a really good job.

Here is a fun game for you on Black Friday.

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