Why Was Sherlock Holmes Awarded the Guinness World Record?

Leia Smith | 02 - 26 - 2020
Why Was Sherlock Holmes Awarded the Guinness World Record

It came as no surprise when Sherlock Holmes bagged the Guinness World Record for being the most portrayed literary human character in film and TV. The Baker Street detective has been played for more than 125 years and still remains the most popular literary fictional character ever. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes series, first portrayed the character in his book A Study in Scarlet followed by a sequence of 55 other stories revolving around the protagonist and his cases.

How Many Times Has Sherlock Holmes Been Portrayed on Screen?

Sherlock’s character has been depicted more than 254 times on screen with British actor Basil Rathbone playing the role a whopping 14 times. The first time Sherlock was played on TV was in 1954 by Ronald Howard in a 39-episode series. Robert Downey, Jr played the character in the Hollywood adaptation while it was Benedict Cumberbatch in BBC’s Sherlock Holmes which also streamed on Netflix. 

Sherlock and John’s Bond

The stories and cases solved by Sherlock along with his friend and flatmate, John. H. Watson is so compelling and intrusive that even after years, the plots look so gripping. The chemistry that runs between Sherlock and Dr.Watson is another major reason for the book and its adaptations being such a huge success. Sherlock calls himself the world’s only consulting detective and doesn’t socialize much. His stern look, quick and witty attitude is what makes the character a challenging one for every actor who portrays him. 

1. In the Book, Where Does Sherlock Live in London?
  • A. Oxford Street
  • B. Carnaby Street
  • C. Downing Street
  • D. Baker Street

Mrs. Hudson (the landlady), Professor Moriarty (the Villian), Greg Lestrade (Inspector from Scotland Yard Police Department), Molly Hooper (a specialist registrar at a London hospital), Mary Morstan (John’s wife) are some of the other interesting characters in the book who are a part of Sherlock’s life. Every adaptation of the literary detective is fresh and unique in its own way, especially Robert Downey, Jr, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s versions are a must-watch.

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