10 Crazy Things That You Can Get from the Weird Vending Machines across World

Eliza | 12 - 14 - 2020
10 Crazy Things That You Can Get from the Weird Vending Machines across World

You would have seen or even used vending machines that supply soft drinks, snacks, or even pizzas but have you ever imagined a real puppy in the vending machine? These are the top insane things that you can get from the vending machines across the world.

Weird vending machines

1. A Girl’s Number

           This is one of the weirdest vending machines in Japan. This vending machine is for timid people who don’t have the courage to talk to a girl. You can get a random girl’s phone number and talk for hours. This is a new way of dating.

2.Umbrella Vending Machines

           The UK, China, and Japan have umbrella vending machines. Getting an umbrella from a vending machine is a weird but wonderful invention because it won’t expire nor can you predict the weather.

Which Country Has the Most Vending Machines in the World?
  • A. Japan
  • B. China
  • C. America
  • D. Australia

3.Rental Bike Vending Machines

            It was first introduced in 2005, in the Netherlands. It’s a renting machine which has a sensor in it so it can be tracked. At present, many countries have rental bike vending machines. 

4.Champagne Vending Machines

          You don’t need to hit the bar to get Champagne. This crazy vending machine which is popular in the US delivers Champagne for $25.   

5.Gold Vending Machine

           Dubai is the first country to unveil gold vending machines. It dispenses one, five and    10-gram bars and even one-ounce bars of 24-carat gold.        

6.Real Puppies

         Tokyo sells real puppies in a vending machine. Yes, you heard it right.

7.Live Bait

          Bait machines are also known as worm machines that dispense live worms for fishing.

8.Personalized Stamps

          Hanko or a personalized stamp is used in Japan as a signature. It’s an important part of Japanese culture and it is used every day. 

9.Sports Car

          This vending machine in Singapore dispenses sports cars like Bentleys, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis. Customers can select the car from the ground floor using a touch screen display and the selected car arrives within a minute or two.

10. Hair Extensions

            Hairlux in Boston is a hair extension company that provides real human hair extensions in a vending machine. Hairlux came with this idea because nearly 34% of women use hair extensions.


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