10 Interesting New Year Traditions in Countries Around the World

Iris | 01 - 08 - 2024

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, communities around the world begin the New Year celebrations with distinct traditions. Different cultures welcome the fresh year in several interesting ways. Come, let’s catch up on some amazing New Year traditions around the world.

Unique New Year Traditions

What is the most common New Year’s tradition? From ringing bells to Times Square ball drop, there are a lot of traditions various countries celebrate during New Year. Here is the list of New Year traditions for good luck around the world. 

1. Japan: Ringing Bells 108 Times


Most Japanese visit shrines and temples to welcome the New Year with prosperity. On New Year’s Eve, Buddhist temples ring bells 108 times in Japan. In Buddhism, it is believed that there are 108 types of earthly desires and each ring will remove them. This tradition is called Joya no Kane. 

What is the New Year tradition in Japan?
  • A. Hanging onions
  • B. Ice Fishing
  • C. Watching British Comedy
  • D. Ringing Bells 108 times

2. Philippines: Finding 12 Round Fruits


In the Philippines, families gather together for dinner on New Year’s Eve. Their New Year’s food traditions feature rounded items especially 12-round fruits such as plums and apples. Each fruit represents one month out of the year as a lucky number. 

3. United States: Time Square Ball Drop


New Year traditions in the US begin on the streets of Times Square. A lot of Americans gather here to watch the ball drop at midnight every year. Adolph Ochs, the New York Times owner created this event to draw attention to Time’s new headquarters. 

4. Mexico: Gift of Homemade Tamales


Giving the gift of homemade tamales is another New Year’s Eve food tradition followed by Mexicans. The families in Mexico gather together to make homemade tamales, a corn dough stuffed with veggies, meat, and cheese wrapped in husks. They hand it to their loved ones on New Year’s Eve. 

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5. Greece: Hanging Onions


On New Year’s Day, most families go to church in Greece. After the service, they take one onion and hang it in their home or in front of the door. It is a symbol of longevity, good health and fertility. 

6. Germany: Watching British Comedy


Germans follow New Year’s Eve traditions such as watching British comedy and buying lucky charms from the Christmas market. Watching black and white-British comedies was used by them from the 1960s onwards. 

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7. Spain: Eating 12 Grapes


The New Year’s Day food tradition followed by Spain is eating 12 grapes. The Spanish start of this tradition symbolizes each strike of the clock. It was started in the late 19th century and done for prosperity and good luck.

8. Canada: Go for Ice Fishing


Canadians start their new year with a cold-weather sport, ice fishing. Most families will rent a heating hut then and enjoy their feast in a specific spot. It was great entertainment in the freezing temperature. 

9. France: Feasting with Champagne


French people celebrate the new year by feasting with champagne. They enjoy plenty of parties with dancing and food choices in France. On the other hand, they pair sparkling wines with goose, oysters, and more. 

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10. Brazil: Go to the Beach 


On new year, most people go to the beach in Brazil wearing white clothes. At the ocean, a few practice various traditions like placing gifts in the boat and jumping seven waves by making different wishes. 

Hope you have an idea of New Year’s around the world through various traditions. Most countries organize attractive fireworks, traditional food, and other festivities during New Year’s Eve. Plan your next destination for the new year right now without any second thoughts.

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