10 Must-Try Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Ashley | 12 - 03 - 2020
10 Must-Try Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

We all must agree that the best part about Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. It is where you can show all your creativity and get compliments. Whenever guests visit on the day of Christmas the first thing that is noticed is the Christmas tree. It certainly need not be expensive but there are several economical and affordable options you can choose to accessorize your Christmas tree. In this article, we will discuss some unique and fun Christmas tree decorations ideas. Our list contains the top 10 ways to decorate a Christmas tree.

1) Decorate With Gift Boxes

Decorate With Gift Boxes

You can decorate the whole Christmas tree with small and cute gifts throughout. Whenever guests or kids visit your house, you can surprise them with these little presents. The important part is, the gifts must be wrapped in cute little gift boxes. The box might contain gifts such as chocolates, pens, stuffed animals, or candies.

Which Country Is Credited with Starting the Christmas Tree Tradition?
  • A. US
  • B. Germany
  • C. UK
  • D. None

2) Pom Pom Tree

Pom Pom Tree

If you want to make your Christmas tree look unique and cute, you can opt for pom poms. They are super cute and come in different sizes & colors. Hence, you can decorate your tree with the colors that go with the color of your house. You can also opt for a gradient look, solid color look, or mix & match and play a little. You can ask your little one to help you and I bet they will love doing it.

3) White Christmas Tree

White Christmas Tree

Get a beautiful frosted Christmas tree, if you are running out of ideas. They are simple yet look classy as they can perfectly complement the whole Christmas theme. You need not add more decorations for this as it already looks perfect. But if you really want to be extravagant, decorating with lights is the best ever option.

4) Decorate with Sweet Notes

Decorate with Sweet Notes

If you want to try something unique and positive this Christmas for decorating your tree, check out this idea. Collect colorful cards, it can either contain simple words imprinted on it already or it can be plain cards. You can write down your favorite quotes on it and decorate the whole tree. You can also add some other decorations such as lights and balls to give a complete look.

5) Why Green?

Why Green

Since it is the 5th idea, we want you to try out something crazier. All these years, your Christmas trees have always been green in color. Duh! It’s obvious trees are always green. But let’s try out something crazier and get a pink tree instead. Otherwise, it can any other color that can go with your theme. But strictly no green for this type of Christmas tree decoration.

6) Gold and Gold

Gold and Gold

Except for the Red and Green, another color that is widely used for Christmas is Gold. For this style, it’s just Gold, Gold, and more Gold. You can decorate the whole tree with golden color papers, sparkling golden lights, and golden balls. If you have a white background with a window showcasing the snow outside, this tree is the talk of the town(at Least the street ;)).

7) Decorate with Family Photos

Decorate with Family Photos

You simply have those beautiful moments captured sleeping in your cupboard? Why don’t you show it off this Christmas. Choose the pictures which you think are great and have some subject to talk about( so that you can have some time spent telling the behind story). Plan which picture should go where and decorate it accordingly. Simply! Isn’t it?


8) Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas

You simply have to get a white frosted tree to create this beautiful Christmas tree style. Now you need to grab everything you have in blue. Ribbons, stars, lights, balls, papers? Collect everything and decorate it in order to give the icy effect. Now it’s time for an Instagram picture with your Christmas tree!

9) Simply Snowflakes

Simply Snowflakes

Christmas is all about snow! Having said that, why don’t you try a Christmas tree decoration with just snow flakes? Obviously the fake ones! Any color Christmas tree other than white would work great. Green might work a little better, if you want to make it look more natural. You simply have to decorate the tree with the false snowflakes which you can get them at any store near you!

10) Sparkles


Last but not the least, this idea is for those who want more sparkles in their Christmas celebration. The one thing you need is lights. Decorate the entire tree with different color lights. The star burst topper must go on the top and other ornaments such as Christmas bubbles, garlands, and bells would cover up the tree!

I hope you love these fun Christmas tree ideas. Try them out and let us know!

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