Traditional Christmas Desserts around the World

Julia | 12 - 19 - 2021
Traditional Christmas Desserts

Christmas is right around the corner. People from all over the world started to celebrate Christmas by decorating their houses with lights, trees, buying gifts, and some people preparing fun Christmas desserts. Are you among those people who enjoy Christmas by preparing festive Christmas desserts? If yes, then you must read the following list of traditional Christmas desserts from all around the world that nobody knows. By reading our blog you will get to know what is the most popular Christmas dessert in the world?

Top 7 Delicious Christmas Desserts 2021

  • Babka, Poland 

There are so many delicious festive desserts in Poland. Among them, Babka is one of the most well-known ones for Christmas. When compared to the traditional Babka this Chocolate Almond Babka has a fun twist swirled with chocolate filling, and sprinkled with crushed almonds. This famous dessert is traditionally eaten on holidays and especially during Christmas.

  • Cherry and Pistachio Stollen, Germany

When it comes to Christmas, no one has ever celebrated like Germans. The traditional stollen has a bread-like texture, and is usually made with chopped dried fruits and nuts. 

Christmas Pudding Took Its Form during the Victorian Age.
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  • B. False
  • Pan De Pascua, Chile 

Pan de Pascua is a traditional Christmas treat in Chile. This sponge cake is made using honey, ginger, almonds, walnuts, candied fruits and raisins are also typically present. Pan De Pascua was originally brought to Chile by German immigrants and since then it has been a staple of Christmas time in Chile. 

  • Melomakarona, Greece

Melomakarona is a kind of biscuits that is available only during the festive season, and will be a welcome alternative to yet another tin of mince pies. Greeks enjoy a relatively mild winter, but these delectable nuggets will hit the spot on the most blistering cold days.

  • Christmas Pudding, England

Christmas pudding traces back its origin to medieval England. This dessert was initially created to preserve meat. This tasty dessert was not associated with the holiday season until the 1700s. Christmas pudding is often referred to as plum pudding, but this dessert does not actually contain plums. In pre-Victorian times, the word ‘plum’ was often used to refer to raisins, which are commonly found in pudding. 

  • Bejgli, Hungary

Traditional Hungarian Beigli is made during Christmas and Easter. This Bejgli is made with a roll of sweet yeast bread filled with either poppy seed or minced walnut.


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