10 Mythological Similarities Between Ireland and India

Ashley | 09 - 09 - 2021
Similarities between Ireland and India

Both believers and nonbelievers are equally interested in mythological topics. Hollywood and history textbooks have established the similarities between Greek and Roman mythology. Here are the mythological similarities between Ireland and India. 

Celtic & Vedic Connection

There are various disputes regarding the origin of the Celts. The topmost etymological references state that the Celts were descendants of Indo-European people who intermarried with Norse Vikings. They spread their language, culture, and beliefs across several European provinces, especially in Ireland. 

North Indians are believed to be Indo-Aryans, and South Indians are Indo-Dravidians. Indo refers to people from the Indus Valley civilization who migrated from Iran and their origin is still a mystery. Thus, leading to the similarities between Celtic and Vedic mythology. 

Old Irish Is Called as _____
  • A. Hittite
  • B. Hindi
  • C. Welsh
  • D. Sanskrit

Parallels between Celtic and Vedic Cultures

The ancestral similarities between the Irish and Indians led to the worship of similar gods and here are 10 of them:

  1. The Vedas believe life began after the Ganges fell on Earth. The Celts believe life began when The Goddess Danu was born out of a single drop of water that fell on volcanic water.
  2. Keralite Kompu and Irish Horns were mountain peaks-based musical instruments.
  3. The origin of Goddess Danu and the Origin of Amruth from the celestial mountain are similar to each other.
  4. Both the Irish and Indians sacrificed the best horse for the prosperity of the kingdom and the king. The chanting during these sacrifices had similar verses in both cultures.
  5. The Druids of Ireland and Bhramins of India were both priestly castes of the society with similar traits.
  6. The Indian Ramayana and Mahabharata, the Irish Tuatha de Danann, and Nuada all revolved around mortal gods, human values, and Karma. 
  7. Lleu Gyffes and Hiranyakashipu are powerful kings who cannot be killed by any weapon, including man-made ones.

Irish Yoga vs Indian Yoga

Indian yoga involves numerous asanas that exercise every internal and external body part, Irish yoga is all about passing out in weird positions after drinking blindly which is the current rage!

In conclusion, the mythological similarities between Ireland and India reveal fascinating connections that span continents and cultures.Irish and Indian mythology share similarities in themes and archetypes, such as gods, goddesses, epic narratives, heroic figures, and supernatural beings. These similarities may be attributed to common experiences, cultural diffusion, or lost connections. Exploring these connections can deepen our understanding of the human condition and appreciate the interconnectedness of shared mythological heritage.

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