History-7 Steps of Mummification

Julia | 01 - 21 - 2020
History-7 Steps of Mummification

7 Steps of Mummification:

Mummification, a practice of treating the dead body, can be traced to early Egyptian history. Discover more about 7 steps of mummification.

1.  Announcement of Death

The public was informed of the death of the person by an announcement made by a messenger. Meanwhile, the preparation of the body for the ceremony happened. Egyptians believed in life after death. Hence, an elaborate ritual took place to unite the body and soul for eternal life after death.

2. Embalming the Body

The embalming process was held in a special tent called “Ibu”

The culture of mummification is linked to which country?
  • A. China
  • B. Egypt
  • C. Saudi Arabia
  • D. Syria

The process involved

  • Cleansing the body with palm wine
  • Rinsing the body with water brought from the Nile River

3. Removal of the Brain

The brain was removed by thrusting a long hook inside the nose and pulling it out with force.  After that, the body was clean inside out! The brain was placed in a water-filled vessel and considered as trash.

4. Removal of Internal Organs

A slit was made with a sharp knife at the left side of the stomach to remove

    • Liver
    • Stomach
    • Intestines
    • Lungs

These organs were given a dip in palm oil and were stored in separate Canopic jars.

The hollow body was washed with palm oil and preserving liquids.

Then the body was stuffed with dried hay and straw and it was wrapped with linen pieces to keep its form.

5. Drying the Body

Natron salt was put over the body to absorb moisture and it was laid outside for 40 days to dry completely.

6. Wrapping the Body

Before wrapping “eye of Horus” was placed on the cut that was made in the abdomen.  Then the body, fingers, and toes were wrapped with several yards of linen. Priests marked holistic signs and placed charms in between the wraps. All these layers were kept in place using a binding shroud. Natural glue kind of material was applied. Artificial face masks and eyes were kept on the face and the Mummy was placed in a jeweled coffin.

7. Final Procession

The coffin was taken to the tomb with families and relatives walking through the town. On reaching the tomb the opening of the mouth ceremony took place.  The family and priest recited spells while touching the Mummy on its face which was believed to let the Mummy eat, see, hear and move to the afterlife. Weighing of the heart was done with no one witnessing it.

The coffin and the Canopic jars were buried with “Book of the Dead”.

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