10 Organisms Named after Celebrities

Ashley | 07 - 31 - 2021

Do you know that more than 15000 species ranging from large mammals to microscopic organisms are discovered every year globally? The scientists who discover these species often name them after special characteristics, place of origin, or even after famous celebrities. Here 10 such organisms named after celebrities.

  1. Richard Dawkins fish is a genus of fish found in Sri Lanka. Dawkins said, “There’s no such thing as an evolutionary scale, fish are wonderful creatures, so I am delighted that my name is being attached to four of these species and very beautiful they are too.”
  2. Bob Marley parasite, a small crustacean parasite that feeds on fish, was named Gnathia Marleyi in the Caribbean.
  3. Beyonce horse fly, a rare species of horse fly found in Queensland, Australia called the Scaptia beyonceae is named after the pop singer Beyonce.
  4. John Cleese Lemur, Madagascan Avahi cleesei, an endangered species, was named as a tribute to Cleese’s promotion of nature conservation in films.
  5. George Bush Beetle, a few species of beetles, was named after former US president George Bush, vice-president Dick Cheney, defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Adolf Hitler, and Kate Winslet.
  6. David Attenborough Plesiosaur and several other species were named after this British naturalist. The founder said that David sparked his interest in scientific journalism and he will name his findings after him as a tribute.
  7. Hugh Hefner Rabbit, the marsh rabbit Sylvilagus palustris hefneri, found in the south-eastern United States is named after the founder of the Playboy empire who has also donated money to save this endangered animal.
  8. Prince Charles Frog was named after his Royal Highness in recognition of his work to protect the rainforests.
  9. Caloplaca Obamae is an orange lichen named after former president Barack Obama.
  10. Agathidium Vaderi is a slime mold beetle named as a tribute to Darth Vader.
  11. Roy and Barbara Orbison is a beetle that looks like it’s wearing a tuxedo.
  12. Aleiodes Shakirae, a caterpillar that can twist and contort its abdomen like the singer Shakira.

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