10 Strange Artifacts That Have Been Discovered in the US

Eliza | 10 - 05 - 2023
Ten Strange Artifacts That Have Been Discovered in the US

You might have read about America’s most mysterious places and bizarre happenings over the past years. But have you heard of any of the strange artifacts that were unearthed from the US? From ancient human skeletons to sharp instruments, lots of weird artifacts have been discovered in the US over the years. In this blog, let’s take a peek at the 10 bizarre American artifacts.

1. The Dare Stones

In the late 1930s, a series of stones were discovered from the southeastern United States. The inscribed messages on these stones were found to be written by members belonging to the lost Roanoke Colony. Many consider the stones to be some of the bizarre artifacts unearthed in the US.

The Dare Stones

The Dare Stones were discovered from the southeastern United States.
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2. Hitler’s Typewriter

It has a place at the Bessemer Hall of History Museum, Alabama. This typewriter of the great dictator has come from his place known as “Eagle’s Nest” in Austria. It’s widely known that a soldier had brought it to the US. Even though the typewriter was not exactly unearthed in the US, it now belongs to the nation and holds a prestigious place at the Bessemer Museum.

Hitler’s Typewriter

3. The Waubansee Stone

Long ago, Chicago was just a tiny westerly outpost. The Waubansee Stone was found on the banks of the Chicago River. The stone is actually a huge boulder with the face of an ancient man with a chin beard. His eyes are closed and his mouth is open. This is surely one of the strange ancient artifacts from the US.

Waubansee Stone - one of the strange ancient artifacts

4. Stone Artifacts from Mexican Caves

In 2012, some stone artifacts (or stone points) were unearthed after excavations in some Mexican caves. From this discovery of strange relics, archaeologists have come to the conclusion that people were living in the central part of Mexico at least 26,500 years ago!

Discovery in ancient Mexican caves

5. The Plymouth Rock

The Mayflower settlers in the US stepped onto a mother rock, known as the Plymouth Rock. A part of this rock was cut and is being preserved to this day. It is one of the unusual artifacts in the country.

Plymouth Rock - An unusual artifact

6. The Windover Bog Bodies

The skeletal remains of more than a hundred of North Americans, who had existed even before the Native Americans in the United States, were found in Florida. They became known as the “Windover Bog Bodies,” and are still regarded as “mysterious artifacts.” Today, you can find the Windover Archeological Site on the central east coast of Florida.

Windover Bog Bodies - Mysterious Artifacts

7. Artifacts from Cooper’s Ferry Site

A number of projectile points were found at Cooper Ferry’s site, located in the western part of Idaho. When radiocarbon dating of the excavation site was performed, it showed that the projectile points, which were unusual artifacts, dated from Pleistocene to early Holocene ages.

Unusual artifacts from Cooper’s Ferry site

8. Marine Salvage from the USS Arizona

The word, “marine salvage” means the procedure of retrieving the property or parts of a ship that was wrecked years ago. “USS Arizona” was a battleship that unfortunately sank during the Pearl Harbor attack. Artifacts that were salvaged from this battleship are currently on display in many regions of the United States.

The USS Arizona from which artifacts were salvaged

9. The Roman Coins

With the growth of cryptocurrency in the last decade, you might wonder why we are discussing ancient Roman coins here! However, many people, especially archaeologists, find these ancient coins highly interesting. Here is a tidbit about such coins in the US. In North America, several Roman coins have been unearthed, and they date back to the 16th century. These coins can serve as evidence of a pre-Columbian European presence. They are considered by archaeologists to be unexplained artifacts from the US.

Roman coins dating back to the 16th century

10. Skeletons from a Mass Burial in Mexico City

A set of archaeologists working south of Mexico City discovered the skeletal remains of a mass grave. They were the remains of ten individuals arranged in a spiral shape. They had all been buried in a single event, which dates back 2,400 years ago. These are some of the weird ancient artifacts archaeologists have found in the current era.

Weird ancient artifacts of a mass grave

We hope you had an interesting read of the ten strange and bizarre American artifacts!

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