America’s Most Mysterious Places

Iris | 05 - 03 - 2022
The most mysterious places in the country

Humans always have a knack to learn about places enlaced with mystery. The stories and facts related to a certain mystery element thrill them. No wonder films and books of the mystery and horror genre became a big hit among viewers. Although, there are places in the world filled with mysterious happenings and events that are beyond a valid explanation. Some say it’s paranormal, others say it’s extraterrestrial. Even scientific findings cannot explain the phenomena behind the happenings in some cases.

These mysterious places piqued interest among people rather than being feared. Let’s check out America’s most mysterious places.   

  • Trans-Allegheny Asylum – Weston, West Virginia

The Trans-Allegheny Asylum was originally built to heal patients in 1864. In 1950, the asylum had over 2500 patients, many of whom underwent lobotomy and electroshock therapy. Many patients died during treatment and some believed that the souls of the dead patients still haunt the building’s halls.

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  • The Sixth Floor Museum – Dallas, Texas

The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas recounts the most daring public event in the history of America – The assassination of John F. Kennedy. The event is still draped in mystery despite being a very ‘public’ incident. The museum takes us through the entire day the assassination happened – The contrast between the smiling faces of the Kennedys and what followed just moments later would send chills to your nerves. What’s most chilling is that viewers can stand where the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald once stood while firing the fatal shot. 

  • Denver International Airport – Denver, Colorado

The Denver International Airport, ever since its first day, was speculated to be an icon of the mystery. The Airport was believed to be a symbol of the Illuminati, with secret tunnels and hidden Doomsday bunkers for its members. If you still feel it’s not suspicious, just take a look at the giant horse sculpture – doesn’t it remind you of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?   

  • Area 51 – Las Vegas, Nevada

From forbidden experimentation to aliens, Area 51 is one of the most mysterious places to visit, well the place was never allowed to the public (yet). The mystery dates back to the 1950s when people reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and the mystery about the place has only increased since then. 

  • Mount Rushmore Chambers – Rapid City, South Dakota

Can you believe that the infamous Mount Rushmore has a secret chamber built inside it for future civilizations? Yes, there is. The person behind the construction of Mount Rushmore, Gutzon Borglum was determined that he shouldn’t be forgotten in the future. So he started working on a secret chamber behind the faces of the Presidents. Built right behind Abraham Lincoln’s hairline, Borglum wanted this chamber to have all the information about the mountain and the country anyone would ever need – including historical artifacts such as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

  • Skinwalker Ranch – Salt Lake City, Utah

People who investigate the Skinwalker ranch sure have had personal experiences with the unknown. According to the owner and the lead investigator of Skinwalker Ranch, the strange happenings revolving around the paranormal ranch have followed researchers home. From UFOs and cattle mutilations to shrilling voices and poltergeists, people who experienced these activities have referred to it as the “Hitchhiker Phenomenon.”

  • Flathead Lake – Missoula, Montana

Flathead Lake is famously known to be the home of the Flathead Lake Monster, the first sighting dating back over 100 years. According to reports of sightings, the monster’s looks resemble Scotland’s infamous Loch Ness Monster, Nessie. Over 109 recorded sightings say about the monster to date.

  • The St. Augustine Lighthouse – St. Augustine, Florida 

This is the first lighthouse to be constructed in St. Augustine and is also the city’s oldest surviving brick structure. It is no wonder that people say it’s haunted. It is believed that the St. Augustine Lighthouse has witnessed several tragic events, leading to the occurrence of paranormal activities. 

  • The Ohio State Reformatory – Mansfield, Ohio 

The Ohio State Reformatory was a place of some of the most violent events that’d ever happen in a prison. Opened in 1896, the reformatory was closed decades later in 1990 – citing “brutalizing and inhumane conditions.” The Ohio State Reformatory was a place of tragic violence – an employee’s wife and daughter were killed by two parolees, followed by the deaths of the warden of the prison. The place now offers ghost-hunting classes – the tour is led by a former prisoner

  • Poinsett Bridge – Greenville, South Carolina 

Rumored to be home to multiple ghosts, the Poinsett Bridge was built over a mason’s body who died while building the bridge. Following the incident, the bridge acted as a tragic spot for several unnatural deaths.

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