10 Top Juicy Hollywood Gossips of All Time

Ashley | 06 - 15 - 2020
10 Top Juicy Hollywood Gossips of All Time

You may hate them or you may act as you hate them. But either way, secretly you would have been a part of it at least once. Most of our days cannot begin without our friends spilling the tea with “did you know what she did…..?” phrase. Whether it’s true or not, it spreads faster than any virus. Yes, I am talking about rumors here. Now that you could relate to everything I said before, this article is going to be about the craziest Hollywood celebrity rumors and some crazy celebrity stories of all time. Hollywood never fails to surprise us with top juicy celebrity rumors as Hollywood literally runs on rumors and gossip.

 Here we are listing top Hollywood gossips that once made everyone go crazy.

  • Once Beyonce posted on her Instagram that she was pregnant with twins, many claimed that she was not really pregnant and was faking it. Beyonce later made a surprise announcement on the VMA in 2011 by a gesture of showing off her baby bump by opening her jacket. It was also rumored that Beyonce and her husband booked the entire 4th floor of the Manhattan hospital for privacy. But this was denied even by the hospital management.
  • Lady Gaga once spent $50,000 on a ghost detecting machine as the electromagnetic field in it can keep the ghosts away from her. She has a firm belief in paranormal activities and believed that she was haunted by a ghost named Ryan. It is believed that she always made sure to get her hotel rooms checked.
  • A scandal of Clinton-Lewinsky was released in 1998 that involved the president Bill Clinton and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. In the beginning, Clinton denied his affair in a television show saying that he did not have any sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Later, after several investigations, Clinton agreed that he had an illegal affair with Lewinsky. Lewinsky also said that she had about nine sexual encounters with Clinton from 1995 to 1997. It is considered one of the top Hollywood gossip of all time.
  • Bruce Jenner is a former Olympic gold medal-winning athlete. He once underwent an operation to reduce his Adam’s apple and after that incident rumors started spreading that Bruce Jenner was trans. Later, in an interview with Diane Sawyer in April 2015, Bruce introduced himself as a transgender. In that interview, he spoke about the life of transgenders and the struggles they go through. He then changed his name to Caitlyn Jenner. It is considered one of the craziest celebrity gay rumors.
  • American comedian Bill Cosby has been accused by about 60 women of rape, sexual misconduct, etc. Kristina Ruehli was the first to claim that Cosby assaulted her by drugging. But Bill Cosby kept on denying it. In 2014, stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress addressed the issue and brought everything to the light. After the incident, many women came forward and reported complaints against Cosby for drugging and sexually abusing them.
  • Kesha Rose Sebert is an American singer, actress, rapper, etc. Kesha claimed that she was possessed by a ghost in her vagina. Kesh in an interview told that she had the feeling that dead people were inside her. So, once she called her hypnotherapist, who was told to exorcise her. When her whole body was scanned with a ghost meter, she heard a beep near her vagina.
  • President John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday celebration was held at the Third Madison Square Garden with about 15,000 people including Marilyn Monroe gathered for the celebration. Marilyn Monroe wore a tight-fitting flesh colored sheer dress with rhinestones designed by Jean Louis. In the celebration, Marilyn Monroe sang a “Happy Birthday to you” in a child-like intimate voice. She had also written a song called “ Thanks for the Memory” specifically for him. After this incident, many rumors circulated saying that John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were having an affair.
  • Most celebrities tend to insure their famous body parts as they helped them to become famous. Rihanna has insured each of her legs for $1million, the famous film actor Ben Turpin of the 1920s had insured his trademark cross-eyes. Similarly, it is commonly rumored that Jenifer Lopez has insured her infamous booty for about $27 million.
  • In July 1981, with nearly 1 billion people from several countries witnessed the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana through tele Despite the fact that prince Charles was 12 years older than princess Diana, they started their married life happily. Their children Prince William and Prince Harry were born in 1982 and 1984. Everything was smooth as butter on the outside. But secretly, Prince Charles was having an affair with his ex-girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles. It came to light through the book “Diana, her true story” in 1992. But only in 1994, it was admitted by Prince Charles. It was also rumored that Princess Diana had an affair with James Hewitt. They both got their divorce in 1996, and after a year Diana died in a car accident.
  • Do you remember the fictional character little Micky who starred in an American commercial Ad of Quaker Oats’? It was actually played by John Gil Christ. After so many years, rumors started to spread about the little Micky that he had died consuming the deadly combination of a carbonated soft drink and pop rocks together, and the carbon-di-oxide made his stomach inflate. But actually, little Micky is currently alive living a healthy and happy life.

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