10 Types of Pasta Only the Elitist Can Identify

Ashley | 01 - 16 - 2022
Types of Pasta

Are you crazy about pasta? We bet you can’t identify these 10 types of pasta without cheating! Play the quiz now to identify the different types of pasta with just an image. 

Find out whether you can identify the common types of pasta shapes and recipes with just a pic.  Caution, the images can make you feel very hungry, so make sure you order your favorite pasta before playing. 

Fun Fact: Do you know how many types of pasta there are? 

This Is the Oldest Pasta Shape
  • A. Spaghetti
  • B. Penne
  • C. Macaroni
  • D. Fettucini

There are around 350 different shapes of pasta in the world. While everyone believes that pasta is native to Italy, new research shows that spaghetti made of rice flour was brought to Italy from Asia. The Italians fine-tuned the art with the help of semolina/wheat flour, water, eggs, and salt. 

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