10 Weird Idaho Laws That Still Exist

Emma | 09 - 16 - 2021
weird Idaho laws

Idaho is officially nicknamed the “The Gemstone State” because 72 different types of gemstones and semi-precious stones are found here. Not only that, the state even follows many unusual and dumb laws that don’t make sense. Most of the weird laws were created years ago but still, Idahoans follow them. After reading the Idaho laws you may even wonder why they exist. Planning your next trip to Idaho? Make sure you follow these crazy laws in Idaho. Here we’ve clubbed the most famous weird laws in Idaho.

Top 10 Weird Idaho Laws

1. You’re Not Supposed to Live in a Kennel, but It’s Fine If You’re a Dog

This is one of the dumb and funny Idaho laws. It is illegal to live in a dog kennel but it’s okay if you’re a dog. This law is effective in Wallace, Idaho.

Which One of the Following Is a Weird Law in Idaho?
  • A. No Merry Go Round on Sunday
  • B. Offensive Gestures
  • C. Illegal to Drink in a Bar
  • D. Waking a Sleeping Bear

2. Snakes Are Banned from Biting You on Sundays.

This is one of the weird laws in Idaho. If a snake bites you on Sunday,, it can be put behind bars. But what if it bites on the other days?! 

3. Age Is Just a Number But…

If you’re above 88 or older, it is illegal for you to ride your motorcycle. Aging should not stop you from doing activities but adhering to the rules is also equally important.

4. No Merry-Go-round on Sundays

According to Idaho state laws, you’re not supposed to go on a merry-go-round on Sundays. This law was created under “Sunday Rest Law” because Sundays are for church, dinner, and rest, Right?

5. Gifting Candy Less than 50 Pounds? You’ll End up in Jail!

It is illegal for a man to give his love a sweet box of candy that weighs less than 50 pounds. We think a chocolate businessman wrote this. But women would have no problem with this law.

6. No Selling Chicken After Sunset

According to poultry laws in Idaho, the sale of chicken after sunset is unlawful unless you have permission from the Sheriff.

7. Cannibalism Is a Felony

This law tops the list of weird Idaho laws. Cannibalism is a felony-level crime, and it is punishable by up to 14 years in prison. According to the Mayhem section of the Idaho code, you can defend yourself from cannibalism if the act was done under extreme life-threatening conditions and as the only means of survival.  But no, this law does not apply to zombies! 

8. PDA? Make sure you Stick to the time

Public displays of attention are limited to under 18 minutes in Idaho. This is one of the crazy laws in Idaho that was passed years ago. This law is still in the rule book but is not currently being enforced.

9. Idaho Deluxe Potato Should Be Sold Fresh

Selling Idaho deluxe or Idaho standard or Idaho Utility potatoes with blemishes, rot, and sun damage can put you behind bars for up to 6 months. Idaho is home to the nation’s best potatoes so selling bad quality potatoes can damage its reputation.

10. Planning to Fish from the Back of a Camel?

According to Idaho state laws, it is illegal to fish from the back of a camel or giraffe. Not only giraffe but it is illegal to fish from the back of any animal in Italy.

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