13 Signs That Show You Are Obsessed with Golf

Emma | 11 - 03 - 2020
signs that show you are obsessed with golf

Golf is a game of club and ball in which the players use the clubs to hit the ball into the hole. The modern game of golf originated in 15th century Scotland the game’s ancient origins are unclear and much debated. Now it is a sport with a huge number of fans and some are obsessed with it. Most of the people who are obsessed with golf are far from ashamed of their addiction, but are proud of the fact that they are.

Here, we have talked about 13 signs which show that you are obsessed with golf. Check it out to know them all.

13 Signs That Show You Have Taken Golf Way Too Serious

  1. Whenever you look at a new carpet, all you can think about is how suitable it would be for practicing your golf putting on.
  2. It will be very difficult for you to throw an old club or golf ball away.
  3. You will know the difference between “Victory Red” and ‘Gym Red’ and every other shade of Tiger Woods Sunday red.
  4. There will be no vacation for you without a golf course nearby, no matter its family vacation or a vacation with friends.
  5. When you go out for a vacation and book yourself a hotel, your first question will be, ‘What channel is the Golf Channel?’ This is a sign that you watch too much golf on TV.
  6. You will be getting confused on reading the stop signs but can immediately identify what iron a player pulls from his golf bag.
  7. Your house will be constantly changing into a putting green.
  8. If you are not playing golf, then you are probably watching golf on TV or checking the scores on your phone, or maybe playing a golf video game. Because you are that obsessed!
  9. You will frequently use the phrase, “the great game of golf”
  10. Your pant pockets will either have a tee or a golf marker in them. This shows how crazy you are about the golf game.
  11. When you see a building across the way from your office, you can’t look at it without wondering what club you would need to use to land a ball on it.
  12. You will forget to shower during the weeks of the major championships.
  13. There is no place in your house, in your office or anywhere you frequently visit that you haven’t practiced a golf swing.

What Defines a Good Golfer?
  • A. Confidence
  • B. The club
  • C. The swing
  • D. The golf marker
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