30 Facts About Tiger Woods That You Didn’t Know

Leia Smith | 12 - 28 - 2020
  1. Tiger Woods’ actual name is Eldrick Tont Woods. His father added the word Tiger to his name in remembrance of a veteran whom he met in the Vietnam War.
  2. Tiger Woods was born on 30th December 1975 in Cypress, California.
  3. Tiger’s father is a golf player as well.
  4. Tiger was a child prodigy who started playing golf at a very young age.
  5. Tiger has won the US Amateur Championship three times in a row in the years 1994, 1995, and 1996.
  6. Tiger Woods is the highest paid golfer of all times followed by Phil Mickelson.
  7. He is the first African American golfer to win the US Masters.
  8. Tiger studied at Stanford University in California.
  9. He studied economics at Stanford’s.
  10. However, he didn’t graduate after attending two years of college.
  11. Apart from golf, he also loves to play basketball, and soccer.
  12. Woods married his girlfriend Elin Nordegren in 2004.
  13. Woods has a daughter named Sam and son Charlie.
  14. Tiger’s father passed away in 2006 after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  15. After this, Tiger won the PGA Championship and British Open.
  16. He runs the TIger Woods Foundation.
  17. The Foundation funds for the education of children worldwide.
  18. Tiger opened his own golf course, Bluejack National in Montgomery, Texas.
  19. After a bitter incident in his personal life, Tiger announced that he wouldn’t be playing in any of the tournaments in 2009.
  20. After not being in great form for almost four years, Tiger won the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March 2012.
  21. Tiger Woods is the first billionaire sportsman in the world.
  22. TIger endorse brands such as Nike, Rolex, and TaylorMade.
  23. The Woods Jupiter is Tiger’s flagship restaurant.
  24. Tiger Woods is currently dating Eric Herman.
  25. He owns a private jet worth $54 million.
  26. TIger loves to eat fast food.
  27. Tiger plays a lot of video games.
  28. Tiger owns a 150 foot yacht named Privacy.
  29. Nike has named a building in the name of Tiger Woods.
  30. Tag Heuer collaborated with Tiger Woods to create the world’s first golf watch.

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