4 Influential People Who Were Erased From History

Julia | 06 - 22 - 2023
Vanished historical personalities

Throughout time, clear historical records of events are kept by man. All the stories of previous centuries were recorded as written texts. You can see a lot of attempts in history where influential people start from political leaders to high-power rulers removed from history. As time progresses, you can uncover more neglected people in history. Continue reading to explore more about erased historical figures. 

1. Nikolai Yezhov 

Yezhov was head of the Soviet secret police of Joseph Stalin. The Soviet political system was highly active between 1939 and 1940. Stalin ordered Nikolai to kill all the agents of the Soviet secret police. After removing all the agents from the system, Stalin killed Nikolai. Later, his photographs, notes, and other evidence were removed completely.

2. Queen Hatshepsut 

Hatshepsut is one of the hidden historical figures who led Egypt for 20 years after the death of her husband Thutmose I. The eventual heir, Thutmose III was very young. So, Queen Hatshepsut took the throne over him. Thutmose III had the epitaph of his aunt removed and erased her name and status from history due to a personal grudge. 

Who was the head of the Soviet secret police of Joseph Stalin?
  • A. Jack parson
  • B. Nikolai Yezhov
  • C. Akhenaten
  • D. Queen Hatshepsut

3. Akhenaten 

Akhenaten stands among other erased historical figures who is the inspiration for the Christian character of Moses. He got acclaim for introducing monotheism to the Egyptian people and removing the polytheistic. After taking the throne, he ordered to erase the images and names of previous gods from his father’s mortuary chamber. His decrees were reversed by his son, Tutankhamun. The scribes recarved all the original god’s names after Akhenaten’s death and they eliminated his details systematically. 

4. Jack Parson 

He is a scientist, inventor, socialite, and the most influential man of his time. Parson was responsible for starting the most vital programs in America. Also, he was a founding member of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and was present during the early invention of Scientology. In the 1940s, he didn’t do well with the federal government and educated elite. He was expelled from society and buried in historical annals. 

Apart from these, Altani Khan, Maximian, Elizabeth O’ Farrell, Jang Song, and Geta Severan are other erased historical figures.

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