The Invention and History of Fork

Julia | 11 - 27 - 2023

Forks have been a useful item throughout history among many eating utensils. You can use it for cutting and splitting food into smaller pieces. The use of forks in eating food is common in various cultures around the world, and they were widely used in ancient Rome, Egypt, and Greece. If you are curious about the fork history and its invention, let’s explore some fun facts and its cultural significance. 

What is the History of the Fork?


The need for food serving paved the way for the discovery of a fork in many ancient civilizations. In ancient times, forks carved from animal or wood bones were useful as a serving tool. After the Roman empire, forks were made in silver and bronze.

Fork History: Who Invented the Fork? 

When was the fork invented? The oldest fork, made from bones, has been discovered at archaeological sites in Gansu. Two-pronged forks were used during the Bronze Age from 2400–1900 BC and later. The first fork was invented in the Eastern Roman Empire of Byzantium culture around 600AD. The fork underwent various changes in its design and visibility. In earlier day, forks had only two tines but over time, the design evolved into a modern look with four tines In the 18th century, the curved design with four tins was introduced for piercing and scooping food. 

What is a fork?
  • A. Used for cutting and splitting food into smaller pieces
  • B. Used for frying or searing food
  • C. For grilling meats and vegetables
  • D. Used for chopping food

Modern Usage 

The modern usage of forks began in the late 1700s and it increased throughout Europe. Nowadays, it has been used all over the world in kitchens, restaurants, and dining areas for cooking and serving meals. Now, let’s look at the modern forks and why it’s used. 

Different Types of Forks 

Forks come in different sizes and styles that suit your various meals. The forks are primarily classified into two main categories such as three or four tines and more. Some different types of forks are mentioned below. 

1. Table Fork 


Also known as a dinner fork to eat various finger foods every day. It has a maximum length of seven inches and you can use it to serve different dishes. You can use it in both formal and informal settings. 

2. Fruit Fork 


You can use a fruit fork to eat fruits such as apples, strawberries, and grapes. It appears in two, three, or four narrow tines. Moreover, it works well when you enjoying a bowl of fruit salad. 

3. Serving Fork 


A serving fork comes larger than a table fork allowing you to eat meals around the world. Stainless steel forks, wooden forks, and plastic forks are the various types of serving forks. You can pick up different side dishes such as salads, and thin meat slices. 

4. Baby Fork 


These are used for babies to have food. It is perfectly fit in the fingers of your baby and comfortable to hold. The baby fork helps babies learn, grow, and practice eating food.

Now, you have an idea about fork history from its inventions to modern use. No matter what size and shape, a lot of people make use of forks for various purposes nowadays.

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