4 Rules to Become a Tree City in the USA

Ashley | 05 - 05 - 2021
Tree City USA

Urbanization is posing a serious threat to flora and fauna of the world. The American tree city program was started in 1976 to maintain the green cover ratio of urban habitats. Here is how to become a tree city in the USA

What Does Tree City USA Mean?

The ideal ratio is 7 trees per human. Due to urbanization, many countries have lost this balance. America has 716 trees for one person and aims to maintain the same even after rapid urbanization in many regions. Thus, the tree city USA status has become a prestigious achievement for many communities.

What Does Earning Tree City USA Recognition Mean to Your Community?

The healthy and sustainable framework of the tree city program provides national recognition to the community along with several benefits such as awards, rewards, direction, and assistance from the government. The other benefits acquired after achieving the status are:

When Did the Tree City USA Program Begin?
  • A. 1958
  • B. 1964
  • C. 1976
  • D. 1998
  • Energy consumption can be reduced by 25%
  • Honor and pride for the community
  • Increased value for real estate
  • Chance to educate the community about the importance of trees

How Do You Get Tree City USA Status?

Before we jump into the tree city requirements, use this link to find out whether your community is present in the official tree city USA list.

The four core standards that need to be met by every community to achieve the tree city USA status:

  1. A tree board or department must be present 
  2. A tree care ordinance should be established by the community
  3. The community must set aside at least $2 per capita as an annual budget for a forestry program
  4. Arbor Day proclamation and observation

Arbor Day is observed by planting trees, and it is celebrated on different dates depending on the best time to plant the saplings.

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