5 Stupid Internet Challenges We Wish Never Existed

Ashley | 09 - 25 - 2020
5 Stupid Internet Challenges We Wish Never Existed

Since the introduction of the internet, our lives have changed in both positive and negative ways. But we all must admit, the starting stages of the internet were awesome when we became very excited to text our friends online,  actually used the internet to only access information, only played online games to overcome our boredom. Gradually, the internet evolved, social media was introduced. We were very excited to use our Facebook and Instagram. Can you remember the days when stories never existed and people posted random jokes and unclear pictures of sunlight? We never worried about likes, all we wanted was to post something random. Life was all good until people started taking the internet seriously. Now Likes and retweets are our only concerns, we live a whole different life on the internet. And the internet challenges took everything a step forward. It was all fun at the beginning; but we wanted to take it to the next level and ended up making dumb internet challenges. Here are the top 5 stupid internet challenges, we all wish never existed.

1. The Blue Whale Challenge

The Blue Whale Challenge

Let’s throwback to the times when people from all around the world were talking about this challenge. What is it actually? This challenge is claimed to consist of several tasks at several different stages. It was mainly focused on innocent teenagers. These children were given different tasks that had to be completed within a time frame of 50 days. In the beginning of the game, children were instructed to do tasks like watching a scary movie, killing any animal, carving a blue whale on their body, etc. These tasks had to be filmed and sent to the administrator in order to go to the next challenge. The last stage of the game is committing suicide. Philip Budeikin was the founder of the game and when he was jailed, the court asked him the reason behind the invention of this challenge. He replied that he wanted to cleanse the world by pushing people who have no value in this world to suicide. India, Egypt, Brazil, Russia, and Saudi Arabia are few countries that are affected because of this challenge.

Cinnamon Challenge Can Lead to Throat Irritation and Pneumonia.
  • A. True
  • B. False

2. The Fire Challenge

The Fire Challenge

The first ever fire challenge was posted on the internet in 2012 and this became a trend in 2014. In this challenge one must apply flammable liquids like rubbing alcohol to one’s body and must light it on fire. Later, the fire must be quickly extinguished with water. The video of attempting this challenge was recorded and posted on the internet. A 12 year old girl named Timiya Landers attempted this and lost control in the middle of the challenge. Her mother described that she was looking like a fireball and was yelling “Help Me”. She was admitted in the hospital and was left with burns covering all over her body. 

3. The Tide Pod Challenge

The Tide Pod Challenge

Tide pods were originally introduced in the market in the 1970s but later disappeared. Again in 2012, Tide Pods were relaunched. They are nothing but liquid tablets. Several concerns raised about these Tide Pods as children were found eating them. These Tide Pods looked like candies in packaging and design. Due to the complaints, Procter and Gamble decided to change the packaging of the Tide Pods making them look less enticing. Later, in 2017, the challenge of consuming Tide pods went viral. This time it was not consumed intentionally for an online challenge. Many children and teenagers have taken this challenge and were severely injured. After this challenge many edible tide pods were introduced by several companies. 

4. The Outlet Challenge

The Outlet Challenge

People went crazy over this outlet challenge. This is one of the deadliest social media challenges. The Outlet challenge was particularly very popular in TikTok. This challenge involves partially inserting a mobile charger into an outlet. The metal prongs must be left exposed and a penny must be slid across the space touching these prongs. Fire accompanied by smoke is the end result of this challenge. Many people stood against this trend calling it unsafe.

5. The Cinnamon Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge

Do you think food challenges are all fun? Not really! In this challenge, one has to film himself/herself eating a spoonful of cinnamon in just 60 seconds and then post it online. But the thing is, you must not drink water or juice while doing this challenge. This is one of the dangerous internet challenges. This involves several health issues. Cinnamon has the tendency to quickly dry out the mouth and throat area, which could result in coughing, throat irritation, pneumonia, and even collapsed lungs.

This is the top 5 dumbest internet challenges list. Let’s avoid practicing such stupid challenges and make this internet a safe place for our future generation.

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