6 Bizarre Facts about Candy Corn You Never Knew

Emma | 09 - 10 - 2020
6 Bizarre Facts about Candy Corn You Never Knew

This threat has been around since the year 1880s and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Let’s see the iconic story behind candy corn including some interesting facts.

Fun Facts about Candy Corn:  

Candy Corn Day 

Did you know there is a Candy Corn Day? It has its own holiday- October 30 th . On that day, people make their own candy corn or post a picture of a store bought candy corn.

Low-Calorie Snack 

Candy corn is a low-calorie snack. Every candy corn piece contains seven calories and as long as you stay within your limits. This is the best candy corn snack. 

1. Did They Stop Making Candy Corn?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No

Halloween Favorite

Halloween’s favorite candy. There is no Halloween without these candy corn goodies. It is also famous in Texas, Oregon, Tennessee and South Carolina.  

Handmade Origin of Candy Corn

Back in the 1880’s candy corn was originally handmade. Now we have commercial machines to make them but back then they were 100% handmade. The workers mix these and cook it up in a large kettle and pour the mixture into kernel-shaped trays for the outcome.

Where Did Candy Corn Come From?

Oral history identifies the inventor of candy corn as George Renninger, an employee at Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia. Wunderle was the first company to sell these multi-colored treats made of sugar and corn syrup. 

Making of Candy Corn

The layers of the candy are made by pouring the candy corn batter in three phases. First, the white layer is done, followed by the yellow and orange color. Then it is completed by giving each layer its own shine.

These are some of the interesting and fascinating stories behind Halloween’s favorite candy corn. Read on and attend the exciting questions and answers on Trivia Sharp candy corn trivia to know more about them. Play on and have fun learning new things.

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