7 Famous Successful Companies Named after Their Founders

Emma | 03 - 31 - 2021

Many companies are named after their founders and there is a fascinating story behind each company’s name. Read on to know more about brands/companies named after founders.


Revlon is one of the famous cosmetics brands which was founded in New York on March 1, 1932, during the Great depression. It is also one of the famous fashion brands named after the founder. Revlon was founded by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson with chemist Charles Lachman founded Revlon. This brand is named after the founders “Revson” and one of the founder Lachman contributed letter “L” to the brand’s name


IKEA is a famous international company that sells ready to assemble furniture, Home appliances, kitchen appliances, and other useful goods. This company was founded by Ingvar Kamprad when he was 17 years old. He named his brand IKEA which is the abbreviation of his first two letters from his name and surname and the other two letters are from Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd where he grew up.

This Famous Car Company Is the Second-Largest U.S Based Automaker, and It Is Named after Their Founder.
  • A. Hyundai
  • B. Ford
  • C. Tesla
  • D. Audi


Adidas is a famous manufacturer of sports shoes, apparel, and sporting goods. Adidas is the abbreviation of its founder name Adolf Dassler. The founder used his nickname Adi and the first three letters of his surname and named his brand “Adidas.”


HP is an American multinational information technology company Founded in 1939. HP is one of the IT companies named after people. The company decided its name by flipping a coin. The owners Hewlett and Packard tossed a coin to decide whether the company name should be Hewlett-Packard (HP) or Packard- Hewlett (PH)


Toyota is the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, which was established in 1937. Toyota is named after its founder Eiichiro Toyoda. It is called “Toyota,” not “Toyoda,” because Toyoda is written in Japanese with ten strokes, whereas Toyota is written in eight strokes. Eight is considered as the lucky number in Japan. So the company chose “Toyota.” It is also said the company chooses this name because Toyoda means ‘fertile rice paddies.’


Lipton is a British tea brand founded in the year 1890. The company is named after its founder Thomas Lipton. He founded this company to provide tea accessibility for lower and middle-class people. Lipton revolutionized the tea industry, and he became the knight of tea.


Nestlé is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies with over 2000 brands. Nestlé is named after its founder Henri Nestle. Nestle is the first brand in Switzerland to use a logo. Though Nestle retired in 1875, the company under new ownership retained his name. 

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