7 Famous Successful Companies Named after Their Founders

Eliza | 31 - 03 - 2021
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Questions 1 - 10

This Famous Car Company Is the Second-Largest U.S Based Automaker, and It Is Named after Their Founder.

Questions 2 - 10

This Car Company Initially Manufactured Sewing Equipment And it is Named after Its Owner by Slightly Changing Spelling

Questions 3 - 10

This Company Founder Used the First Letter of His Name and Surname with the Letter of the Village Where He Grew up

Questions 4 - 10

This Company Has a Chain of Hypermarkets, Department Stores, and Grocery Stores.

Questions 5 - 10

This Software Company Is Named after the Surnames of Their Founders

Questions 6 - 10

This Is a Famous Cosmetic Brand Which Was Named after the Founder in One of the Company’s Partner Contributed a Single Alphabet from His Name to the Brand

Questions 7 - 10

This Famous Cosmetic Brand Got Its Name from Its Owner Who Is a Photographer and a Makeup Artist

Questions 8 - 10

This Is a Famous Shoe Brand. the Owner Used His Nickname and the First Three Letters of His Last Name and Created His Brand Name

Questions 9 - 10

This Famous Cosmetic Brand Is Named after Its Owner Who Is a Professional Makeup Artist, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur

Questions 10 - 10

This Is a French Cosmetic Company Which Was Established in 1904. It Got Its Name from Its Founder. Can You Guess the Brand Name?