7 Truths About Antarctica Revealed!

Ashley | 05 - 31 - 2021
7 Truths about Antarctica

7 Truths About Antarctica

Google earth has access to almost every place on earth, allowing users to zoom in and get the street view of the place of their choice, but why are they hiding Antarctica from us? Why is Antarctica riddled with conspiracy theories and mysteries? Here are 7 truths about Antarctica are revealed below:

Why is Antarctica blocked on Google Earth? 

Antarctica’s conspiracy theories suggest that Antarctica is home to various military bases, laboratories, and private homes. 

But the actual truth is that any part of the world above 85°N and 83°S goes completely invisible due to the satellite’s incapability to recognize a map scale of infinity caused by the earth’s curvature. 

How Many Volcanoes Are There In Antarctica?
  • A. 4
  • B. 2
  • C. 1

What Are They Hiding in Antarctica?

Just snow, the Antarctic treaty signed by various countries prohibits any military activity below 60°S, be it land or ice. The Mcmurdo research center of America screens any entry and exit the continent through Amundsen Scott South Pole. 

Antarctica- Conspiracy Theories

Antarctica’s conspiracy theories often revolve around:

  1. The hidden city of Atlantis
  2. Unusual constructions
  3. UFO’s 
  4. Bizarre artifacts supposedly made by the aliens
  5. Hitler’s hideaway spot 

Antarctica- Mysteries 

Antarctica gives the researchers a run for their money with the number of mysteries it holds beneath the surface. A few popular Antarctica mysteries are:

  1. Numerous lakes were discovered under 3kms of ice. Despite the fluctuation in external temperatures, the lakes remained stable at -3°C.
  2. The red waterfall was recently identified to be caused by oxidation of iron present in the saltiest water that was preserved 400m underground
  3. Fossils prove that Antarctica was once a rainforest with the possibility of civilization
  4. Microbes found in the waters are Antarctica was unusually different from microbes found around the world
  5. A massive mountain lies under the ice sheet 
  6. Fungi are known to grow in warmer climates but Antarctica has endemic species of fungi feeding on leaked fuel and abandoned wooden huts 
  7. Scientists say that Antarctica can become inhabitable once the ice melts off
  8. The seawater in Antarctica is the saltiest of all
  9. Only 4 species can survive in the water and they have generated a complicated ecosystem

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