8 Facts about the Largest Sand Island

Emma | 09 - 28 - 2020
8 Facts about the Largest Sand Island

Did you know that Fraser Island is more than 800,000 years old? Before you make a trip to this sand Island, know some of the fascinating Fraser Island facts.  

Interesting Facts about Fraser Island, Australia  

1. Largest Sand Island

Yes, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. Australia also listed this island as heritage significant and they want to keep it for the future generations to cherish.

2. Fraser Island – Home for over 100 Freshwater Lakes  

Fraser Island is home to over 100 freshwater lakes, including the stunning Lake McKenzie and arguably even more awe-inspiring Lake Birrabeen, as well as countless freshwater streams and tributaries.

Fraser Island Is the Largest Sand Island in the World.
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3. Birds Species  

In Fraser Island there are around 325 species of birds along with wallabies, turtles, possums, echidnas and flying possums. This Island is home for many species.

4. Fraser Island Dingo Creature

Over 30 packs of Dingos roam Fraser Island. These creatures are wild animals and they need to be given their space. You can see them throughout Fraser Island.

6. Where Is Fraser Island?

Fraser Island is about 300 kilometres (186 miles) north of Brisbane and 15 kilometres (9 miles) off the coast of Hervey Bay and Maryborough. It is located along the southeastern coast in the Wide Bay–Burnett region, Queensland, Australia.

7. Sand Dunes of Fraser Island

Fraser Island is mostly covered with massive sand dunes, between 100 and 200 metres tall. The biggest sand dune clocks in at an impressive 244 metres. This is taller than the Sydney Opera House! The dunes have been shaped and molded over the course of thousands of years.

8. Best Place to Whale Watch

Thousands of whales wake up and make their way to the coast of Australia as part of their breeding migration. Fraser Island is said to be one of the favorite spots for whale watching.

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