World Superlatives Trivia

World’s Superlatives quiz- Want to be an expert in superlatives? Check out Trivia Sharp to study about superlatives (Largest, Longest, Biggest, Highest, Smallest) & become a genius. Explore the latest quiz collection of superlatives trivia that covers geographical superlatives quiz & superlatives world trivia are in one place.

Where Is the Highest Auto Tunnel in the World?
The Eisenhower is the highest auto tunnel in the world. What's the story behind these tunnels? Read our blog to find out!
Which Is the Largest Hotel in the Us?
Discover more about the history and fun facts of MGM Grand Las Vegas and play our fun trivia questions.
Facts about the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
Did you know that dispute arose while declaring the longest bridge over water in the world? Read to know more!
What US State Is the Flattest?
It is really surprising to discover that Kansas is not the flattest US state? If you are curious to know, then read the blog!
Which Is the World’s Highest Vineyard?
Cai Na Xiang earned the title of the World’s Highest Vineyard by beating its close competitor Altura Maxima vineyard.
Which Is the Driest Desert in the World?
The driest desert in the world haven't seen a drop of rain water in more than 500 years. Read to know more.
Which U.S. State Has the Longest Coastline?
Alaska takes the honor of being the longest freshwater coastline in the U.S. Uncover the surprising story behind!
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