8 Weird Gadgets That Are Actually Useful!

Ashley | 11 - 04 - 2021
Weird Gadgets

Shopping for weird gadgets has become part and parcel of our guilty pleasure. Before you spend your money on buying useless weird gadgets, get to know these useful gadgets first!

Weird Smart Devices

Weird tech gadgets have always caught our eyes and interest, but how many of them are actually useful? We have compiled the top 3 weird but useful gadgets you will find on the internet in the 21st century below.

Rotato Express

Knives are the first thing you would want to hide when you have pets and kids. The rotato express was introduced for this reason. Look at your potatoes, cucumbers, apples, and other veggies get peeled with these, and use the paring knife to get rid of those blemishes easily. Be careful not to pay too much attention or you may get dizzy!

What Are the Most Used Gadgets?
  • A. Smartphone
  • B. Laptops
  • C. Earphones
  • D. Smartwatches

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey on the rocks may be cool to order for. But do you know how many people get embarrassed when the ice cubes slide down to their noses when they drink? Plus, you can’t enjoy this properly if you have to drink it before the ice melts. Whiskey stones are cold metal stones with suction pipes created to eliminate both these disadvantages.

Countertop Composter

Are you looking for organic compost? Make one at home! The countertop composter requires you to add in your daily degradable waste, and voila, it begins to sift your waste to produce nutrient-rich compost for your backyard.

Funny Electronic Gadgets

Crazy gadgets add a flair to our home decor. Here are three such cute and crazy-looking devices right out of your imagination.

Mop Slipper

This cute and fuzzy footwear is your go-to choice if you are too lazy to mop. They come in pretty colors with faces of cute animals. Wear these and dance across your house to get a radiant floor without breaking a sweat.

Nose Hair Trimmer

How many of you know the pain of waxing nose hair and plucking those pesky eyebrows? These nose hair trimmers are reusable, easy, and safe to use. The only downside is, the noise these gadgets make will give you a one-way ticket to headaches. So make sure you buy the good ones

Toilet Lights

The fear is real. Horror movies, sudden chills, home alone, be it anything, the urge to use the restroom can’t be put off for later. These toilet lights are there to prevent you from falling headfirst. They sense body temperature and immediately light up once you enter the restroom. You can choose out of 16 colors and 5 brightness levels based on your need.

Strange and Weird Gadgets

The definition of strange and weird differs from person to person. You can buy the simplest-looking items in the strangest way possible. Do you know that there are pen stands that actually look like a person trying to poop?

The concept is very simple. Pens, pencils, and erasers will be placed inside the flush, and the paper clips will be attached to the person’s magnetic bum while he crouches, holding sticky tape like toilet paper. Simple, strange, and get enough attention!


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