9 Best Things to Do in Bali – What Is Bali Most Famous For?

Iris | 02 - 25 - 2024

Bali, the most well-known island in Indonesia, with spectacular mountain scenery, tropical beaches, and friendly Balinese people, is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. With thousands of tourists visiting the island each year, you’re probably familiar with a lot of Bali’s attractions. There are many fun things to do in Bali. The famous Bali activity includes surf spots, popular dive sites, and sacred temples. Rather than these things, there are so many more places to visit in Bali. We’ve compiled a list of things related to Bali that you are unaware of.

  • Bali’s Beach 

When you think of Bali beaches, you probably think of white sand and clear blue water. While there are some beautiful beaches like that on the island, there are also some with black sand! Consider Lovina Beach, which is covered in black sand derived from the cooled lava of the Mt Agung volcano. Even if it’s not what you’d expect to find on a tropical beach, it’s still worth a visit!

  • Bali’s Kopi Luwak

Bali produces the most expensive coffee in the world. It’s called Kopi Luwak, and it’s not your average coffee bean… They obtain the beans from the digestion of a Civet Cat, a shy cat-like creature native to Asia. The Civet cat consumes only the ripest and finest coffee cherries and does not digest the bean.

Bali Is Also Known as the Land of Gods.
  • A. True
  • B. False
  •  Goa Gajah

Because of its proximity to the Elephant River, Goa Gajah is also known as the Elephant Cave. Tourists from nearby Ubud are drawn to a mysterious cave, relics, and ancient bathing pools set among green rice paddies and a garden. The ominous entrance to Goa Gajah resembles a demonic mouth, implying that those who enter through the darkness are entering an underworld. 

  • Surfing in Bali 

Surfing is one of Bali’s tourist attractions that has contributed to the island’s tourism development. It began on the island’s southern shores, where rolling waves and peaceful, beautiful beaches evolved into the popular wave riders’ playgrounds we know today. The incredible surf was discovered by the island’s first wave-riders in the 1930s, and more have flown in since then.

  • Bali’s Mountain Look – Kintamani  

Kintamani is a central Bali mountain village known for Mount Batur, Bali’s second tallest peak, and the Batur caldera lake. The village is located in the Karangasem regency in east Bali and is a popular tourist destination due to vantage points like Penelokan, which means scenic stopover. Penelokan offers the best panoramic views of Batur’s rugged features, including dark lava slopes and black molten rocks.

  • Bali’s Ubud Art Market 

If you prefer to shop for art, don’t miss the Ubud Art Market. This maze of stalls is one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions, brimming with carvings, sculptures, jewelry, sarongs, paintings, and homewares. Many collections are housed in traditional Balinese buildings surrounded by tranquil tropical gardens, making art-viewing especially rewarding here.

  • Bali’s Temple 

Archaeological discoveries indicate that the temple in Bali is of megalithic origin, dating from around the 10th century. The temple is thought to protect Bali from evil sea spirits, and the monkeys that live in the forest near its entrance are thought to protect the temple from negative influences. Bali is covered with so many temples. 

  • Bali’s Rice Field Landscape

The Jatiluwih rice terraces are one of the most well-known rice field landscapes on the island. The vast fields cover a large portion of the cool highland village of the same name in the Tabanan Regency and can be a relaxing respite from the crowds of the island’s southern beach resort areas.

  • Bali’s Nightlife

Bali’s nightlife scenes are mostly centered on the Kuta-Legian-Seminyak strip, which caters to a diverse range of crowds, styles, and budgets. There are beach clubs to chill out at sunset and well into the wee hours, nightclubs to let loose with live DJs, rooftop bars, theatre shows, or simply an easygoing sunset dinner cruise, all of which demonstrate that life after dark can be enjoyed in Bali.

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