A Fascinating Quiz on Why Are Doorknobs Made of Brass?

Ashley | 03 - 04 - 2021

Currently, in the United States, there are around 110 million existing doors, and every year more than 2 million new doors have been made. In ancient times, people used wooden or stone doors. Later, doors made of glass or metals were introduced. However, most of the doors have doorknobs made of brass. Many of us might not know why, but there is a hidden reason behind it. Do you want to learn more? This article can help you! 

History of the Doorknobs

Doorknob history: Before the invention of doorknobs, people used to lock and key to keep their doors secured. In America, doorknobs came into use only around the time of independence. Later, doorknobs made of glass, brass, iron, or steel were introduced.

What are doorknobs made of? Doorknobs come in different styles and shapes, but one of the most commonly used ones is the brass doorknobs(a combination of copper and zinc). 

Brass Disinfect Itself Depending on “Oligodynamic Effect”
  • A. True
  • B. False

Experts say that the type of material used can also have serious health implications. 

Why are doorknobs made of brass? The doorknobs made of copper and its alloys, including brass, are self-sanitizing.

Does brass handle kill germs? Door knobs are one of the most frequently touched things in our daily lives. We can find doorknobs anywhere, and people use them often. Hence there is no doubt that they always carry germs and bacteria. But doorknobs made of brass or copper are often said to be self-disinfectant. Studies say that a chemical reaction called the Oligodynamic effect happens and reduces the germ build-up. 

Oligodynamic Effect

How does brass disinfect itself? It works on something called the “oligodynamic effect”, which is a result of a toxic effect of the metal ions present in brass or copper on the bacteria, virus, or other living cells that leaves them inactive. 

In another study, when water for E.Coli and Salmonella were kept in brass, silver, and copper pots, the bacteria in the copper pot had been killed in just four hours. In only eight and twelve hours, the bacteria in the silver and brass pots were killed off. This is why people are advised to consume water in copper, brass, or silver glasses or jugs. 

This process proves that brass can sterilize the bacteria effectively. This is why it is good to opt for brass doorknobs. 

Currently, brass doorknobs are most commonly used, while other doorknobs made of plastic, steel, or plastic are also available but at a much cheaper price. 

Doorknobs made of brass are comparatively cheaper than plastic or steel ones because of their extensive use. 

Professor Bill Keevil explains that stainless steel surfaces can carry bacteria for weeks, but on copper surfaces, they tend to die within a few minutes. 

Advantages of Brass Doorknobs

  • Brass is a malleable material that is easy to shape and design. 
  • It also looks beautiful and gives a luxurious look. 
  • Brass has a tendency to fade to brown, however it can easily be polished back to its original color. 
  • Brass does not rust easily as steel or iron does.
  • Brass doorknobs leave off a traditional and attractive appearance. 

Though we are surrounded by steel and plastics, this explains why it is important to choose brass. 

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