Is Abraham Lincoln in the Wrestling Hall of Fame?

Elmira | 10 - 13 - 2020
Which US President Is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame

Was Abraham Lincoln a wrestler? The sixteenth President of the United States Abraham Lincoln is honored in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. In 1830, Abe Lincoln was the wrestling champion of his county in Illinois when he was 21-year-old. He was renowned for his wrestling skills and the Abraham Lincoln wrestling history has a separate fan base. He was an inspiring physical specimen. He was thin but wiry and muscular, and 6 feet, 4 inches in height. Abe Lincoln’s wrestling skill earned him an “Outstanding American” award presented by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Abraham Lincoln Wrestling hall of fame

He competed in about 300 matches and was defeated only once. Reportedly Abraham talked a little smack in the ring. He announced to an entire crowd after defeating an opponent, “I’m the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns.” The above-mentioned quote was included in the biography “Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years,” which was written by poet and author Carl Sandburg in 1926.

At this time, he was working at a store in New Salem, Illinois. He had a remarkable bout with Jack Armstrong who was also a wrestling champion. But Lincoln won the match. After being defeated by Lincoln Armstrong lost his temper, started fouling him and knocked him out.

Was Abraham Lincoln a Wrestler?
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According to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (NWHOF), he had one recorded defeat in 12 years. He competed against Hank Thompson and lost the match. Both were serving with the Illinois Volunteers during the time of the Black Hawk Indian uprising of 1832. It was 28 years before he became a US president. Both men were serving with the Illinois Volunteers during the Black Hawk Indian uprising of 1832, 28 years before Lincoln would become president.

David Fleming wrote “He was a proud competitor but a humble sportsman,” and also stated, “And when his wrestling skills diminished, Lincoln’s leadership qualities emerged.”

Many United States presidents have been honored by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. They are George Washington, William Howard Taft, and Teddy Roosevelt. Lincoln was honored with an “Outstanding American” award in 1992.

Did Lincoln Lose Only One of Nearly 300 Matches?

Abe Lincoln, the famous President wrestling history blends with fact and folklore. There is no proof or office record for all his wrestling matches. Even the most famous bouts seem unclear.


What Was Abraham Lincoln’s Wrestling Name? 

Abraham Lincoln did not have a unique nickname or wrestling name. He was fondly known as Abraham Lincoln or Abe Lincoln. 

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