Airplane Pollution vs Car Pollution – Which One Has the Bigger Footprint?

Iris | 12 - 16 - 2020
Airplane Pollution vs Car Pollution - Which One Has the Bigger Footprint

Airplane pollution vs Car pollution, airplanes cause more pollution but also cars. Both have the same level of emission of polluted gases. The World Health Organization (WHO) evaluated that about 3 million people die each year due to air pollution caused by vehicles like cars, airplanes, buses, trains, and also ships. 

For example, when a flight travels about 50000 kilometers, the pollution it causes is 10 -50 times higher than the high-speed electric train and 5 -10 times higher than the bus. Even using a car might be improper but when compared to taking a flight it is good to opt for cars. 

Airplane Pollution Facts

Who Is the World’s Biggest Polluter?
  • A. China
  • B. Russia
  • C. United States
  • D. None of the Above
  • When compared to plane crashes, pollution from airplanes kills most of the people, which is about nearly ten thousand people each year.
  • A round trip flight from New York to San Francisco causes about 0.9 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions.
  • Lowering and raising your window shades might help in reducing emissions. As it helps in reducing the amount of fuel used to cool the aircraft.
  • Biofuels from seaweed, natural oil, and agricultural waste help in reducing the pollution caused due to aviation.

Car Pollution Facts 

  • Car engines release a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide which can make people sick by affecting their respiratory system. 
  • Old and cars without proper maintenance cause more pollution. Opt for hybrid and electric vehicles or fuel-efficient cars to reduce the global impact.
  • One of the major effects of car pollution is global warming, the gradual increase in earth’s temperature causes difficulty in living.
  • Not only the gas from the car causes pollution but also noise from them also causes pollution which damages the hearing and psychological health. 

The Carbon Footprint of Driving vs Flying

The carbon footprint of the flying accounts for nearly 2.5% of carbon dioxide emissions and the carbon footprint of the car is 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. In addition to carbon dioxide, the harmful greenhouse gases produced by the car are methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). 

Regardless of your choice between driving and flying, try to reduce the impact on the environment. When you choose a car to travel it’s better to go with a hybrid or electric car and also don’t opt for cars that are old and also the ones with no maintenance. If you go with flight travel, opt for direct flights, and before choosing the flights check whether they use biofuels.


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