All You Need to Know about DevSecOps

Eliza | 09 - 23 - 2021
what is DevSecOps

The growth of software has been on the rise in the past decade. Many top companies are introducing various software’s in their business to make work easier and also to sustain in the competitive market. One such software is “DevSecOps” but what is DevSecOps? Read on to know 

DevSecOps Definition

DevSecOps is nothing but a tool that integrates security practices with the DevOps process. It increases software security from code commit to deployment monitoring. The word “DevSecOps” is the short form for developers, security, and operations. DevSecOps encourages flexible connection between developers (Dev), security (Sec), and operations (Ops). The main motto of DevSecOps is to close the traditional gap between security and software development by ensuring fast delivery and deployment of code in a safe manner at every phase of software development. 

  1. DevSecOps helps software developers to quickly identify and address security threats throughout SDLC (software development life cycle). 
  2. It helps develop better team collaboration and communication. It brings development, security, operations, and security teams together so it is easy to achieve the goal. 
  3. As DevSecOps detects and addresses the issues sooner, less money is spent on problems during development. 
  4. The two main goals of DevSecOps tools are- To minimize the risk in the DevSecOps tools pipeline and to support security teams by allowing them to oversee the security of development projects. 
  5. DevSecOps encourages security and software development together. So this leads to maintaining transparency not only that but also increases efficiency and productivity. 
  6. DevSecOps is the amalgamation of two main aspects of computer science. Dev refers to “software development” Ops refers to “information technology.”  

The Field in Which DevSecOps Is Important

  • Healthcare- Enables digital transformation by maintaining the privacy and security of the patients. 
  • Automotive- Reduces lengthy cycle times while meeting compliance standards. 
  • Finance/retain/e-commerce– Reduces security risk, maintains data privacy, and security for transactions among retailers, consumers, financial services, etc. 
  • Embedded/network/dedicated– Writes secure code that minimizes the errors of most dangerous software errors. 

What Is the Difference between DevSecOps Vs DevOps?

Many get confused between DevSecOps and DevOps. To put an end to the confusion we’ve listed a few differences. 

DevSecOps Is a Short-Form For____
  • A. Developers, Security, and Operations
  • B. Development, Security, and Operations
  • C. Developers, Security, and optimization
  • D. None of the Above
  • Both DevSecOps and DevOps’ mission is to collaborate between security and application development. 
  • DevOps focus on collaboration between app development to application teams whereas DevSecOps does not adequately address security issues. 
  •  DevSecOps results in better code, increased security, and better agility to react to changing trends whereas DevOps results in better collaboration and accelerated time-to-time. 
  • DevOps aims to improve software delivery speed whereas DevSecOps aims to reduce software delivery risk.
  • In the DevOps software development process, the development and software team are involved whereas in DevSecOps development, security and operations are involved. 

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