Everything You Must Know about the Computer That Ran on Water

Eliza | 04 - 06 - 2021
Computer That Ran on Water

Manu Prakash, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of technology invented the computer that operates by droplets of water. This unique computer works on the physics of moving water droplets.

What Is a Water Computer?

People protect their gadgets from water, but Manu created a computer that is operated by droplets of water. The water computer uses water droplets to send data instead of electrons. The main part of a water computer is its clock, tiny water droplets trapped in a magnetic field. These water droplets are smaller than the poppy seeds. The computer clock moves in a precise direction and distance according to the magnetic field. The clock works in a series of rotating or flipping motions. Each time the magnetic field flips, the polarity of the bars changes and the droplet moves with binary 1s and 0s. The movement of the water synchronized with the operation of the computer. The clock is responsible for various activities and it’s an important component of a water computer and the computer clocks are not only in the water computer but also in smartphones, the internet, and airplane

Manu Prakash Water Computer

Manu Prakash was born in Meerut, India. 15 years back Manu Prakash conceived the idea of building a computer that runs on water. With help of his students Jim Cybulski and Georgios Katsikis, he created the computer that runs on water. Manu Prakash is now a professor of bioengineering at Stanford University. He is also popularly known for his other inventions foldscope and paperfuge. A foldscope is a paper microscope that costs less than a dollar, nearly a million people use foldscope. He is also a co-founder of foldscope instruments. The main aim of Manu Prakash is to touch billions of lives with his low-cost science tools.  

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