Amazon Launches Astro Home Robot: Here’s What You Should Know

Elmira | 09 - 30 - 2021
Astro home robot

When you are at home, Astro has your back! 

Amazon’s long-anticipated home robot is finally launched! It is a home robot, named Astro featuring a giant Alexa display. Robots are emerging and have become part of our daily lives. The biggest company Amazon launched its own home robot that can help check on loved ones and pets. Read on to uncover everything about the Astro home robot by Amazon.

Astro the Home Robot from Amazon

Who Invented the Astro Home Robot?
  • A. Amazon
  • B. Apple
  • C. Honeywell
  • D. None of the Above

Amazon’s Astro can autonomously drive across your home that has cameras and a screen. It is designed to map your home’s layout and identify objects. It can check on your family members and pets remotely with the help of a series of cameras and a display on its front, featuring animated eyes. It can also handle video calls and recognize you and other family members. It will come to you when someone calls you. Astro robots also can provide all the features of Alexa on wheels.

Dave Limp, head of Amazon’s devices and services, explained that customers don’t prefer Alexa on wheels hence they incorporated a special persona. Astro can act as a security guard as it connects with the doorbell girl Ring’s Protect pro Service. Hence, it can patrol the home, check disturbances and send an alert if it finds an unrecognized person. It also has the ability to stop objects or anything if it starts suddenly moving in front of it. For example, pets or while encountering stairs. Astro can be set up out-of-bounds locations and can cameras and mics be turned off. It can process images and sensor data on the device to protect privacy. In the United States, it is available to invited customers on Amazon’s Day 1 editions. The early device program costs $999.99 (£749). It is one of the first domestic robots, following robotic vacuum cleaners and mowers.

Amazon says that the Astro can do many things that you might need from a home robot. It obeys commands to enter a particular room. It can deliver a particular item to a person. It will play music or show weather details like any Echo smart display. Amazon’s home robot can be used for video calls that help keep you in the frame by following your movements. It can roam around your home when nobody is around, to make sure everything is fine. You can use its periscope camera to see whether you have turned off the stove. Amazon’s home robot can be used to capture the record of blood pressure with the help of third-party accessories.

Astro is a perfect home assistant robot that someone can ask for. It will fulfill all requirements and make your life easier.

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