Annika Award Watch List: Who Leads the Pack?

Eliza | 04 - 27 - 2023
Rose Zhang leads the pack

The Annika Award is named after the professional golfer, Annika Charlotta Sorenstam. She is considered one of the most outstanding female golfers in the game’s history. The award is presented every year by Stifel to the most exceptional women’s college golfer. This will be the right time to shed some light on Stifel. It is a popular investment firm that offers financial services related to security in Europe and the U.S. Stifel is the presenting sponsor of the Annika and Haskins awards. Continue reading to know more about the latest Annika Award watch list.

Annika Award winners list

The Annika award is presented based on the selection made by college golfers, trainers, and members belonging to the college golf media. The list of people who choose and finalize the Annika award watch list includes a panel of reporters from Golfweek and Golf Channel.

When it comes to the player who leads the pack, it is Rose Zhang. She has already won the Annika award last season as a freshman at Stanford. This year, Zhang leads a long list of 15 players. 

The Annika Award is named after the golfer, Helen Hicks.
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Latest Annika Award watch list

As Rose Zhang leads the pack, Ingrid Lindblad seems to be the closest pursuer. Many people, especially those who play golf, may remember Lindblad who shot to the Number 2 position in August 2020’s World Amateur Golf Ranking.

If you are into serious golfing, you may have also heard of Leona Maguire and Maria Fassi, who are past winners of the award. In fact, both of these players are two-time winners!

Best women’s college golfer

Rose Zhang, who is in the leading position for the 2022-23 season, was born in Arcadia, which is a city located in California. She started playing golf right from the age of 9! Zhang went on to win many accolades and awards, and her dedicated work in the sport has now taken her to the top of the Annika Award watch list.

Zhang has also won the NCAA Championship in May 2022. Therefore, it is no surprise that she has shot to fame and has etched her name in the long history of golfing.

We hope that this blog on the Annika Award watch list has helped you improve your knowledge of the sport. Also, keep in mind all the information on the past winners of this game that we have shared with you so that you can get ready for the quiz that’s coming up!  

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