Golfers Who Won the Most Major Golf Championships

Ashley | 06 - 07 - 2021
Jack Nicklaus

The 4 tournaments forming the men’s major golf championships are:

  1. The Master’s Tournament
  2. The U.S. Open
  3. The Open Championship
  4. The PGA Championship 

The majors are conducted annually. Any player who has won all four majors in one calendar year is unofficially considered a grand slam winner. 

Most Majors Won in Golf

Here is a list of the most golf major wins ever

Who Has Played the Most Golf Majors without Winning
  • A. Luke Donald
  • B. Brett Quigley
  • C. Lee Westwood
  • D. Maurice Flitcroft
Player Major Golf Championships Won
Jack Nicklaus 18
Tiger Woods 15
Walter Hagen 11
Ben Hogan, Gary Player 9
Tom Watson 8

Which Golfer Has Won the Most Major Championships?

Jack Nicklaus has the most major wins in golf history. The golden bear of American golf history has 117 wins to his name, including 18 grand slams making him the winner of most major golf championships.

Most Consecutive Major Wins in Golf

Walter Hagens is the only player to have the most consecutive major wins in golf. He had won the PGA championships 4 times from 1924-27.

Willie Anderson stands second with 3 consecutive major wins in golf. Anderson couldn’t play further due to epilepsy and died at the age of 31.  He is the only player to have won the U.S. Open four times in the span of five years. 

Active Golfers with Most Majors

Do you know the list of active golfers with the most major wins in golf? Here you go:

Player Masters U.S. Open British Open PGA Total Wins
Tiger Woods 5 3 3 4 15
Phil Mickelson 3 1 2 6
Ernie Els 2 2 4
Rory McIlroy 1 1 2 4
Brooks Koepka 2 2 4
Vijay Singh 1 2 3
Pádraig Harrington 2 1 3
Jordan Spieth 1 1 1 3



  • Tiger Woods, 45, met with an accident where his private SUV swerved down the road and crashed. Woods is currently hospitalized, and his return to the game depends on his recovery. 
  • Ernie Els has been taking care of his autistic child and may announce his retirement 

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