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Ashley | 07 - 31 - 2023

Motivation pushes you to achieve your goals. Check out popular and inspiring sports person autobiographies. 

  1. Bethany Hamilton – American pro surfer who experienced a 14-foot tiger shark attack, at the age of 13. 

She lost her arms but not faith. She eventually made a comeback to competitive surfing and won the National Surf Championship. Soul Surfer, her well-known autobiography, is widely read. The rising star leaves a message encouraging others to never give up on their aspirations. Girls are formed of courage, determination, and talent which can change the world.  

  1. Michael Oher –Former American football offensive tackle who played in the “National Football League” for eight seasons is a true inspiration to millions.

He received “All-American” honors while playing college football. In his autobiography “I Beat the Odds” explains the journey from being homeless to the NFL. Oher describes his mother’s destructive crack habit, as well as the nightmare experience he and his siblings had in the overloaded Memphis foster-care system.

When playing Soul Surfer, who lost their left arm?
  • A. Bethany Hamilton
  • B. Anna Sophia
  • C. Helen Hunt
  • D. Alana Blanchard
  1. Muhammed Ali – Olympic gold medalist who won the heavyweight title three times during his 21-year professional career. 

Muhammad Ali is one of history’s most dynamic athletes. He forever altered the sport of boxing and the role of athletes. Understanding and falling in love with your greatness, either win or lose, says Ali in “The Greatest, My Own Story”. Ali has spent his life fighting for world peace, equal rights, religious liberty, hunger, and relief. This is considered to be one of the best sports autobiographies.

  1. Andre Agassi –  Tennis player from the United States who once ranked first in the world.

Andre Agassi arrived in the late 1980s, just as tennis needed adrenaline to boost its passion and energy. He was more than accommodating. “Open” is an autobiography, Agassi’s premise is that the game he developed was a prison he spent 30 years trying to escape. 

  1. Michael Jordan – Michael Jordan a former basketball player, participated in the “National Basketball Association” for fifteen years and won six NBA titles.

The legendary autobiography “For the Love of the Game” conveys everyone is talented, but talent requires hard work! Never say never since boundaries and anxieties are frequently simply illusions. “Always find a way to make a bad situation better.” “You must first learn to fail before you can learn to succeed.”

Michael Jordan is currently the main shareholder of the NBA team Charlotte Hornets.

This is one of the popular sports person autobiographies.

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