Bizarre Titanic Movie Facts You Should Know

Ashley | 11 - 17 - 2021
Titanic Movie Facts

These Titanic movie facts are so bizarre that you will not see the movie the same way ever again! Let’s begin with a few fun facts about the Titanic movie first.

Titanic Movie Facts

Do you know when the movie ‘Titanic’ was made? Titanic was released across the world in December 1997. The movie took four and a half months to shoot the entire film;the initial plan was 138 days. The movie had gone overboard not only in terms of water but in terms of expenditure and accidents too.

Kate Winslet refused to wear a wetsuit and caught pneumonia while shooting for the movie, and almost quit mid filming. Cameron waived his salary of $8 million to meet the extended budget of the film.

What Ship Did They Use to Film the Titanic?
  • A. Akademik Shokalskiy
  • B. Akademik Sergey Vavilov
  • C. Akademik Mstislav Keldysh
  • D. Akademik Ioffe

Kate Winslet got so bruised up during the shoot that makeup artists used the image reference of her real bruises to do her makeup.

Cameron approached Irish diva Enya and James Horner, but both rejected and settled down for Celine Dion.  They called the movie ‘Planet Ice’ as a decoy to escape media leaks.

How Did They Film Titanic?

James Cameron followed the same approach from ‘Terminator 2’ where he blew up the Cyberdyne building in one shot. The staircase scene in Titanic needed to be shot right the first time because the set was made to collapse completely in a particular way. He made sure all cameras were positioned perfectly with their lens caps down. 

Cameron spent time on the original Titanic ship to find inspiration for his movie sets. Did you know that he spent more time on the ship than the original passengers of the sunken vessel? 

The Akademik Mstislav Keldysh was used to shoot the movie, while the replica, which was 90% similar to the original ship, was sunk to give a touch of reality. The boat sank for a total of two hours and forty minutes in reality. Sinking the ship cost 3/4th of the entire movie cost, which is equal to $150 million. The duplicate ship was no different than the real one, and all the 150 background characters had their own backstories in the original script.

Making of Titanic Movie

Though we all know Kate flashed Leo before the shoot could commence, do you know that it was Cameron, the film’s director who really drew the portrait of Rose?

The catch in this was, Leo was right-handed and Cameron was left-handed. The crew used the mirror image technique to make sure everything fell in place.

The water scenes took place inside a 14000-gallon pool of warm water. The crew inside the pool were not allowed to take bathroom breaks and mostly peed inside there. 

Cameron made sure every known fact about the original Titanic was depicted in the movie but Jack Dawson and Rose were completely out of his imagination. Later during the shoot, he came to know that a real person named J. Dawson got buried with the ship in 1912. 

Bizzare Facts About Titanic

The crew, including the director, were drugged with Angel Dust through a bowl of chowder served during a shoot in Mexico. Matthew McConaughey was supposed to be cast as Jack! He was replaced because Billy Zane wouldn’t look as scary as expected.

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