Everything you need to know about Tonic water

Vannessa | 11 - 15 - 2023

What Exactly Is Tonic Water?

Tonic water is a clear carbonated drink used to blend with cocktails. It is created with several botanical components, including quinine, an extraction from cinchona bark. Cinchona trees can be discovered in Indonesia, the Caribbean, and Africa. 

In the 17th century, the antimalarial property of tonic water was discovered and brought to South America. Spanish explorers received cinchona bark from the indigenous people dwelling there.

What is the herb used in tonic water?
  • A. Quinine
  • B. Basil
  • C. Rosemary
  • D. Thyme

Why Did People Drink Tonic Water?

When the global pandemic malaria spread in India and other British colonies, the tonic water was used as a medicinal drink. Referred to as “Indian Tonic water,” it helped prevent such a deadly disease. Known for its fever-reducing qualities, the tree was also mentioned as a fever tree in those days. Now, it is more than a fever tree tonic water; modern tonic water is prepared with lower concentrations of quinine and savored for its unique taste.


What Does Tonic Water Taste Like?

Tonic water tastes slightly bitter, but the fizziness mitigates it. Plus, tonic waters have multiple flavors such as citrus, herbal, and spice notes. 

Tonic Water

Is Club Soda and Tonic Water the Same Thing?

Both club soda and tonic water are different varieties of carbonated water but do not have the same taste. Club soda is prepared with carbon dioxide, mineral salt, and sometimes sodium bicarbonate, whereas tonic water ingredients are sugar, citrus, and some botanicals.  

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Tonic Water Benefits

The nutritional information of tonic water is less, except for the antimalarial properties. However,  added ingredients like citrus and other herbals may possess some medicinal value. 

What Is Tonic Water Good For?

Primarily, it is good for mixing with the gin. It goes well with spicy and cheesy foods. Tonic water can be incorporated into sorbets and marinades. 

Tonic Water Side Effects:

Consumption of tonic water may lead to:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nervousness
  • Ringing in the ears

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